Thursday, December 20, 2007

Presents for me! Presents for me!

Ok, I'll be honest with you. I love Christmas. And one eensy-weensy, itty-bitty reason why is because I LOVE GETTING PRESENTS!!!!!! And look what came in the mail from my bestest friend EVERS, Beck (from Little Daisy Chains). It's a scarflette--or "neck warmer" made by Atelier Iona Loyola. It is absolutely beautiful & wonderful & I love it!! Thank you Beck!!!

And look what my sweet mommy surprised me with today! It's the first cupcake-y thing from my mom! I love it! It fits very well on my tree. Oh, & speaking of tree....Remember how I ordered my pink Christmas tree & I was waiting & waiting & waiting for it to arrive? Well, I was so happy it came yesterday & I love having it all decorated in my house. Guess what arrived at my house today? ANOTHER PINK CHRISTMAS TREE! haha! There was some sort of mistake in shipping & they sent me 2. I only got charged for one tree, but I thought it was hilarious. It's going back to "Pink Trees-ville" tomorrow.

I'm working on my final Christmas gifts. Grandmother is getting a placemat purse that will be extra special with lots of trims & doo-dads. And my brother & sis-in-law are receiving a set of coasters I'm making out of wool felt. I'm punching them with a hole punch & stitching some kind of design that is yet to be determined, so we'll see how it goes...

I'm off to craft! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

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