Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Seriously, How Sad Am I?

Look what's still on my front porch. Sad, I know......I keep seeing BEAUTIFUL pics of my blog buddies Christmas decorations & holiday prettiness. And then, there's me. Gross, isn't it? I promise I will throw them away RIGHT after I post this....
Gotta go! After I toss the wrinkly & slimy pumpkins I'll be watching my soap opera & folding books! Ciao!


  1. dont feel bad. i still have 3pumpkins on my front porch. they arent cut though.... we never had time for that. andi even have christmas decorations on the front door. i am thinking of painting them up for christmas.

  2. oh they look sad. don't feel bad no xmas dec's in my house either, I think your right holding out for a scrummy pink tree sweetie

  3. They're really interesting looking though!!!

  4. Girl! Stop with the science experiments already!

  5. LOL!...Lol!!
    Just 'cause your waiting for your pink tree dosen't mean you have to hold your pumpkins hostage!! LOL!
    Just kidding my dear!

  6. Awww I like them! You should print them as cards for next year.


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