Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stuff on a Thursday...

Today I spent a bit of time on Etsy organizing "WhiMSy love". I hadn't ever really done that before, but it was a necessity after the holidays. I came across many misspelled words in the descriptions...I changed my "holiday-ish" wording in some listings...I even noticed some "tags" I could change/add that I hadn't seen or thought of before...I juggled some pictures around...& made notes of certain items in the shop that aren't selling & ideas of how I could change them to make them more appealing. I highly recommend a good cleaning if you have an Etsy shop, especially with the new year approaching.

I am super excited about Valentimes Day. I say "Valentimes" because that is how I said it as a kid. It rolls off the tongue better that way. "ValenTINES"? That just sounds weird. Anyway, I don't know if YOU know, but Valentimes Day is right up there with Christmas for me. I LOVE IT! My mom always gave me & my bro & sis a box of chocolates when we were kids & then it turned into tiny little gifts as we grew up. I still do that today---gather (or make) tiny gifts to show my affections to my family. Almost like an Easter basket, but for Valentimes Day. I love cheesy & sweet Valentimes Day cards & the tacky & lovely faux velvet covered boxes of chocolates covered in the cheap lace & plastic flowers. Mmm. Love it all! I'm working on a my first ever "WhiMSy love" Valentimes Day card too! It's a colored pencil drawing & I just finished it tonight! I can't wait to show it off!

I realized a GREAT "WhiMSy love" goal for 2008: Keep track of my finances. I've never done that before. Are you shocked? It's not like I'm making bookoo (is that how it's spelled?) dollars here. But, I do need to get organized. Not only will it keep me in reality about how much I might NOT be making (then I can adjust prices, rethink some things, etc.), but it'll get me organized for when my season of success arrives. I am so confused & scared by all the financial stuff--the "books" as they say. I know there are a lot of you out there who are just as confused as I am, so I'll make sure I let you know my steps along the way. (And if any of you have tips, I'll gladly take advice!!!)


  1. Love Valentines Day!
    ...Oh,me too..I soo need to be more "financially" minded.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I can answer q's about financials. I was a financial controller for 9 years! Can you imagine? I was an accountant type! WHAAAA!


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