Friday, January 11, 2008

And The Winners Are.....

With the help of my lovely assistants, we have drawn a bottlecap & then drawn a name to match seven names to be declared the winners of the seven bottlecaps. Here goes...
1. Newcreationart--red/white/blue popsicle
2. Monica Yvette--cake slice
3. Stabitha--fudgesicle
4. Laura Kelley--chocolate chip cookie
5. Kara--lollipop
6. Bejeweled--pink popsicle
7. Bethany D.--cupcakes
CONGRATULATIONS! I will try & contact each winner for their address, or you can email it to me at Thanks everyone for playing! It's fun to see new faces stop by & say hello!!!!

I will be gone the whole weekend! Ugh. I'm missing you already. I'm taking my handy totes filled (rather spilling over) with crafty doo-dads & bits & I'm ready for some road trip creations. The fam will be going to Lewiston,Idaho/Clarkston, Washington (a 2 hour trip I think?) to visit some friends. I've never been, so it should be interesting. Mr. WhiMSy love has already prepared the way for me to have some hunting & scouting time around town to possibly find some nifty thrift spots or creative joints to find some treasures. Hope I come back with SOMETHING!! That would be rad.
This heart pincushion was a treat I found yesterday while antiquing with my mom & niece. It's 9" tall. Rather large for a pincushion, but it is adorable. It would make a cute pillow!
I'll see you all Monday!


  1. I just learned about your blog from Hello Fortune. It is really wonderful!! I will definitely be a return visitor!!!

  2. woohoo, i won, yippeee, thanks girlz for picking me.

    have a fab road trip


  3. Yeah!! I am so happy to be a winner of one of your super cute bottlecaps!! Just sent you an email :)

    I hope you find lots of cool treasures on your trip!

  4. Oh, I put my Yippeeeee! I won!... on the wrong post. So, there it is again:)


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