Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blog Makeover

Don't freak out, K? I'm totally taking some time to revamp my blog. I'm MAJORLY stumbling around trying to figure this thing out! I have no idea what I'm doing. So, when it's done, I'll tell ya.

**I hate to leave this thing in such disarray. But I'm frustrated. And, I need to see if my Project Runway is on or if it's a re-run AGAIN. That'll frustrate me even more....
This makeover is part of my journey discovering my style, figuring out who "WhiMSy love" is. It'll come together. Just not today.
I'll play with that button picture again tomorrow Jeanetta! I kinda like the photos up there! It's fun! MY artwork, MY pics, ya know?---G'night!


  1. Hey...I'm all for 'shakin' it up a bit!!
    You go girl.

  2. Good luck with your redesign. It's always fun to shake things up that way!

  3. After just going on a revamp myself, my advice is to just to take it one day at a time! Looking good so far.

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  5. I think your blog looks great. I love the buttons also. Great choice of music with Lenny Kravitz as well! I have much love for Lenny! :)


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