Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mr. Nikki

OK. This next post might be a little odd. But sometimes I just get random spats of quirkiness--especially at that odd moment of morning between 12am & 2am. I truly love this time of day. Now, I'm not awake at 2am EVERY morning. There ARE a few occasions when I've gotten my BEST ideas then though. And....some of my worst. Not many people (if ANY?) have gotten to be a part of these wee morning occasions with me. But I invite you now. I should be sleeping. But instead.....

Now, this next part might get awkward & personal. During my little hairy mustache photo shoot, I realized that I had a picture I'd forgotten about. So, I dug it out. It's the only picture I have of my birth father, taken in 1975. I've never met him, but maybe someday ya know?.......***crickets awkwardly chirping in the background***.......Anyway, I came to a deep realization after all this......I would make a REALLY ugly man.


  1. wow sweetie what an interesting post, god you do look a little like your dad with your moustache. lol.
    I can't believe you are awake till 2am what time do you get up with the girlz madness.
    p.s. got my gorgeous bottlecap and little nikki artwork awesome

  2. at first i though that you had bought some of thsev felt mustaches from etsylabs but then i relized it was your hair. you may be post too late but i think i am reading too early. uuuuuuuuggg more coffee.

  3. I love it!! My mom and sisters and I are always doing that same thing with our hair and saying "you don't know who I am, I am in disguise in some weird accent. I don't know how we got started, but we are pretty odd and goofy, so who knows!

  4. You are halarious! Do you mind if I add you to my friends list on my blogspot?
    I'm at


  5. girl.. even at 2 AM!!
    ...even if you would make an ulgy man...!!LOve it!! You really share how genuine and fabulous you really are! Especially wif hair on yur lip!!lol!


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