Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday. It's a Good Day.

About a week ago I put a new CLEARANCE section in the shop. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I am ALL about finding great deals & usually head straight for the bargain rack or sales bin if I know a shop has one! It's been a GREAT addition to WhiMSy love & I've had immediate reactions to it!

I've also been having a good response to my "Mystery Bag of WhiMSy love Goodies". The name sucks, but I think it's a really fun idea! Every order receives 5 random items stuffed into a pouch made from vintage fabric. The picture up top is just to show an EXAMPLE of what those items MIGHT be. It's a super way for customers to get a taste & sampling of WhiMSy love! I originally listed them last summer. I didn't get any sales until--a LOOOONG time later--I took new photographs & jazzed it up a bit. My point here is to look again at the items in your shop & possibly take some time to re-shoot photos, or mix things up some.
I'm really looking forward to stopping by Laura's blog on Jan. 8th for her celebration of "Letter Writing Week"! She'll be sharing cool stuff, having a contest, there will just be neato stuff all around & I'll even post some items on my blog that day to compliment the theme! So, make sure you stop by her blog also!
I feel like I've been trapped inside this house with 2 crazy kiddos & their crazy father for the past 3 weeks! I'm getting OUT of here! Tomorrow I will take FULL advantage of my "Nikki time" & do some much needed shopping for supplies....& breathe in the silence & solitary goodness....


  1. I just love all your cute things... your goodie bags are ADORABLE!

  2. What a great little treasure trove of odds and ends there. Looks like a bunch of crafty project waiting to be discovered. I see one of my favourite papers made into a fortune cookie too. I love it all!


  3. Thanks for the commercial! I love the banner! Very cute.


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