Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello Thursday!

Here is the cutest little stuffie owl that Pazely ordered yesterday from Etsy. Yep, I said Pazely. She's my 3 year old. I was looking at pictures of all my "favorites" on Etsy & putting together a treasury of pink owls & Pazely was sitting in my lap & spotted this little guy from craftpaca. (And this next part might sound cruel, but I'm tired of dishing out money & my girls earn their own cash anyway. In the form of small coins.) Pazely REALLY wanted the owl, especially after she heard it was little-sized. I asked her, "Do you have 3 dollars? If you have 3 dollars, I'll pay for the 2 dollar shipping cost." She ran to her room & brought back her giant yellow coloring crayon bank that is taller than she is & dumped it out! She grabbed 3 crumpled 1-dollar bills & said, "Three dollars!" So, we sat down & ordered it. I explained to her that a package will be arriving soon JUST for her! She was so excited!

Bear with me. I have another cute kid story. This must be mushy-kid-story-telling day....
My girls (Zoey is 5, Pazely is 3) were in the bath the other night, each with a Barbie toy. Well, I overheard their dolls talking & Zoey asked Pazely's boy doll, "Are you trying to make me fall in love with you?" And Pazely quietly answered, "Yes." And then I heard kissing & smooching noises. (Gross!) All of a sudden, Zoey stops the kissing & asks, "Are you a waiter?" And Pazely quietly answers, "Yes." And Zoey yells, "A WAITER?!?!?! EEeeeeewwwww---spaghetti lips!" HAHAHA!

I am SUPER excited because I ordered these 2 prints from witty workshop. Remember how I told you she's having a "Buy One Get One Free" sale on her prints through Jan. 27th?? I'm wild about her artwork. And I'm so anxious to get them & have them framed & hang them in their rightful cupcake-y spots!

I am so glad that the rush & busy-ness of the holidays are gone! Aren't you? I feel like I've missed visiting my blog friends very much & it has been very refreshing to sit back down recently & hop around to say hello!


  1. Oh how cute are your girlz, so is the little owl.
    That money bank sounds awesome I want one.
    glad to see you enjoying life as always

  2. Yay! I'm so glad I won! The stories about your girls are sooo sweet, just like cake. Oh, I'm adding you to my blog roll:)


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