Thursday, January 17, 2008


Big Ole Pink Glasses
This is my latest HUGE purchase. These glasses are gi-normous! And they are pink! I give you permission to laugh though.

Happy Birthday mini tag banner
I just finished a custom order for 2 mini tag banners. This is the Happy Birthday banner. I LOVE the yellow & turquoise-y blue color theme!

To the Post Office we go!
And look! Here's an action shot of me ready to mail some orders to the post office!

The Cupcake Family!
I have been SO super excited to share my new watercolors with you! I came up with an idea to create different cupcake characters. So, I have painted--so far--Miss Diva Cupcake, Monsieur Cupcake & The Cupcake Triplets. (Miss Diva needs some eyelashes, so I'll help her out later.) I just purchased 9 x 12 sheets of watercolor paper so that I can create prints to sell in the near future!

And speaking of DIVA, I have a really good friend, Charelle, who I have not been able to visit as much as I'd like. Busy schedules, kids, errands, this & that, etc. Today we got to hang out & we laughed so hard. We both needed some good giggles. We had a photo shoot & I think we took almost 50 self portraits. HAHA! Sometimes you need to take a break & grab a friend for some giggles.


  1. There's nothing funnier than pretty girls making stupid faces. Those pictures made me laugh. I love your hair colour BTW (how girlie of me).
    I think your cupcake watercolours are perfect Etsy material.

  2. I love the new button banner on the blog! :) And the third pic of you gals is priceless-- that one oughta be some kinda girly greeting card! Glad you had fun!

  3. Is there anything you can't do?

    Please stop making the rest of us look bad. Haha!!

    Your blog looks great lately.

  4. Cute, cute, cute watercolors & girls! Is Charelle in your band too?

  5. Ha, those photos of you and your friend are priceless, and the water color paintings are adorable. I got your package in the mail today, and was so excited because I looove getting mail. Thanks!

  6. gorgeous, I am totally wanting the glasses, very posh beckham. love them.
    Wow the watercolours are great your brain makes the cutest ideas real.
    how cool is your friend, how amazing to do a photo shoot.
    love all babe
    p.s. your hair is looking totally awesome


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