Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hookie, a Head & Other Random Stuff

I kept the girls home from school today. That's right, we played "hookie". Partly because I forgot to set my alarm. Partly because it snowed all day yesterday & I'm a wimp when it comes to drivin' in that stuff. So, the girls woke up to a massive fort mommy built with chairs & sheets & then after breakfast it was outside for some snowy fun! Zoey made the cutest Barbie snow angel! Pazely had her usual handful of animal toys & chose an elephant to elephant angel, of course!

Here's my newest friend. I got him yesterday at Goodwill for a buck. Score for cheap friends! Zoey named him Mr. Harold. I put Mr. WhimSy love's hat on Mr. Harold, so I hope he doesn't mind. During this photo the girls were pelting snowballs at Mr. Harold's head. Shortly after Pazely came from behind with a swinging punch. Why such hatred for the newest member of mommy's "head" collection?

And here's my latest Mini Tag Banner. "Happy St. Patrick's Day"! These banners are hard to photograph. I'll be starting a "Happy Birthday" banner tonight for the same customer.

Oh, and I've been tagged by Jeanetta. Thanks girl. I owe you one. So, here's 5 RANDOM THINGS about me....
1. I love deviled eggs.

2. I am so afraid of roller coasters. I cannot even begin to explain the feeling it gives me to even THINK about riding one. I road Space Mountain at Disney World when I was 7 & then at about 14 I rode a roller coaster at Busch Gardens. Never again. My hubby loves them & I feel bad because it would be a cool thing to do with him.

3. For some reason, I randomly sing sentences out loud. Or, I'll make up stupid rhymes to a beat & sing them over & over to my kids & we'll start dancing & wiggling & being all crazy.

4. (I forget what I've said before in other "Random Things" so if this is a repeat--sorry!)...When I was a kid & teenager I used to get embarrassed so easily! Like, at stupid stuff too. Some stranger would say "Hi!" to me & I'd get embarrassed. But, the embarrassing part was not only would my cheeks get flushed & my ears would burn hot but my ARMS would turn red too! HAHA!

5. I used to play the trumpet as a kid/teenager & I went to an event where you play a piece of music & you get critiqued, etc. & the judge who was critiquing me said that if I wanted to, I could go anywhere & do anything with my trumpeting skills if I kept on with it. (In other words, I was really good.) WAS is the key word. I still have my trumpet, but for some reason I chose not to pursue a career with the trumpet by my side. Oh gosh, it totally sounds like I am bragging. Ugh.

That's all for today folks! Click HERE to leave a comment in last Saturday's post & enter to win one of SEVEN cool dessert themed bottlecaps made by moi! Drawing will be THIS Friday!!


  1. I love deviled eggs, hate roller coasters and sometimes turn BRIGHT red when I get embarrassed. Mostly I turn bright red because I can feel myself turning bright red and that only makes it worse.

  2. that barbie snow angle is sooooo cool. and i am a major deviled egg fan. i am not that crazy about rollercoasters. i was on one in college and the breaks didnt catch so we had to go around again. it was much faster and not so much fun. i did ride the steel eel at sea world but that was only because my husband want with us and david was pleading to go.

  3. Nice to meet ya Mr. Harold.
    ...deviled eggs..yess.roller coasters..nnoo.. musical talent...nope..
    2 out of five!

  4. Playing hookie with your girls, how cool a mom are you? That sounds like so much fun. My mom did that with me once when I was a girl and I loved it. By the way, those banner tags look great. I especially like the St. Patty's theme.

  5. oh snow I wish we had snow, although I wouldn't drive either.
    give mr.harold a kiss from me sounds like he needs it.
    and what the heck are devil eggs

  6. I totally do the singing thing too, and since I don't have kids, I tend to dance around with my cat while my husband looks at me like I'm C-R-A-Z-Y!! Too much fun.


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