Monday, January 7, 2008

It's About Darn Time! (Nikki Time!)

I have been whining lately (not out loud, so is it REALLY considered "whining" then?) about my lack of Nikki Time. For the past two months Saturdays have been rolling around like they have been for years & I chose to stay holed up in my art studio every weekend makin' holiday gifts for family & Christmas goodies for the shop. But, the wee ones still manage to pry their lips through the crack in the door to make their demands & I can still hear them screaming & running around like a bunch of wild animals-----daddy downstairs watching football. It's been no true or real definition of "Nikki Time". So, with the Christmas holiday behind me... (I love you & all Christmas, but it's time for you to stuff yourself down in the basement with the washing machine & icky spiders)...I can NOW escape to the world outside & if you listened real close this weekend you probably heard me yell "FREEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOM!" & then I walked briskly to my super duper mini-van & peeled out down the street to do me some SHOPPING! (Really, I love my kidlets!)

I had SO MUCH FUN this weekend! I went to my favorite antique & thrifting spots in town & got some really sweet buttons for some new button rings coming to the shop this week (see the picture at the top of the page for a peek at some of them!), found another vintage apron to attack with a cupcake, snatched forks for fork easels, discovered some awesome vintage fabric, & also got a new (yet vintage inspired) curtain valance that I'm going to do something pretty clever with, some cocoa mugs for the girls, & other doo-dads.

I also bought this ADORABLE owl purse--a Christmas gift via a gift card!

I also FINALLY got a circular cutter thingie at JoAnn's. Amazingly, I've been cutting circles for my mini tag banners by hand. Well, I got an order for 2 large banners last week & I decided it was time to splurge! I can't wait to show you the banners. They are looking so cute! One says "Happy St. Patrick's Day" & the other says "Happy Birthday".

Oh, speaking of JoAnn's!!!!---I found the cutest little canvas pictures with pre-printed DESSERT designs on them in their dollar bargain bin! I thought the girls would like them for a Valentines treat. AND, I found these glittery gold letters for 50cents each! I got enough to spell "GIGGLE", "CUPCAKES" & "ZOEY". (Pazely already has letters to spell her name from a project I did when she was born.)

What else did I do this weekend? I browsed a bookstore... sipped a raspberry julius... walked leisurely from shop to shop... glared at OTHER mothers' children (not really) & had a much needed mommy break.

And my weekend was complete with a family gathering at IHOP. I secretly wished I had ordered the smiley-faced pancakes. I should have taken a picture AFTER my 3-year old Pazely was finished with them. Her naked pancake sat on the plate. I said to her, "Are you done? You sure sucked all the decorations off!" She said, "I just luuuuv frostin' & chocolate chips!"
Check out Saturday's blog entry !! I'm giving away SEVEN dessert themed bottlecaps to SEVEN random guests who leave a comment on that post! Drawing is Friday the 11th!
Don't forget to visit Laura's blog tomorrow for fantastic stuff to celebrate Letter Writing Week!


  1. Yay! It looks and sounds like you had a much needed break!
    Amazing how when you can get by yourself sometimes you can actually hear yourself think!!LOL!!

  2. The holidays have gotten in the way of any alone time for me too. I'm jealous! Sounds like you had a great day!


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