Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's Snowing in 'WhiMSy love' World!!!

Nik's Snowy Day
Holy snowstorm Crafty Girl! Well, it's not a snowstorm, but LOOK at all the snow! YAY! My girls love it. Me, not so much. I love to look at it, but I'm not really into the cold/wet thing. I love the yummy hot drinks that usually accompany fun snowy days though!

Scott & Nikki
Awwww, look at the sweet winter lovebirds.....

Take THAT Mommy!
Here's #1 (of 2) trying to get in a snowball fight with the photographer (that would be me.) By evening there will be about 7-9inches of snow & MORE predicted through Thursday!

Daddy's Pyrotechnic Show
But let me back up for a second & let you know how my morning began. Mr. WhiMSy love decided it would be funny to have a little pyrotechnic display of sorts. Lysol & a flaming match produced this spectacle for the girls. Seconds after this picture was taken, the smoke alarm (located 2 feet away from the flame) started screeching at an ear-deafening pitch & 2 little girls were frantically screaming. Fun times.

Valentine Cookies...Mmmm!
So anyway, after our day of fire & ice, I baked these cookies. These are the BEST invention evers! Just seperate & bake! Sorry to all you cookie purists for my enthusiasm.

And I had the MOST fantastically fun time last night painting! I cranked out a few more super cute cupcake characters. They are: Miss Diva Cupake, Clown Cupcake, Cupcake Boy (he's a superhero), The Baby Cupcake Triplets (I might name them later), Girly Girl Cupcake (I have to come up with a sweet girly name for her), & "Jealous Muffin".
Miss Diva Cupcake Clown Cupcake
Cupcake Boy! The Baby Cupcake Triplets
Girly Girl Cupcake
Jealous Muffin

Oh! And I actually got the courage up to order the button machine today!! Yahoo!


  1. i have snow envy. :P
    and i love the jealous muffin card. jsut too funny. where do you come up with these things.

  2. Love the watercolors! Hate the snow. Of course, we don't exactly get ton around here....

  3. oh ahh so many amazing piccys Nikkis world is soooo much fun.
    Those cookies looks so yummy and wow wee to the paintings you are soo good at them.
    I want snow.
    yay for the button machine


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