Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Letter Writing Week!

I have ALWAYS loved writing letters-- & GETTING letters! I must admit, I don't write them as much as I'd like. I keep my special writing papers, cards, pens & things in a vintage round suitcase my granny gave me several years ago. Writing letters is almost some sort of sacred act that I enjoy very much--when I get the chance to do it.

I grew up writing thank-you notes for every occasion- thanks to my mom. I am even teaching my wee girls the importance of the "thank you" note, of correspondence.
As teenagers, my cousin Kendra & I used to write each other postcards in Morse code after I discovered a secret postcard from 1916 in a beautiful collection of vintage postcards I received after my great-grandfather Stewart died. I went to the library & checked out a book on Morse code & it was so thrilling---I can't describe it, really---to unlock the secrets written on that old postcard.

I do realize it's not "Thank You Note Writing Week" or "Postcard Writing Week", but it's all the same, really.

Here is a list of some of my own favorite letter writing tips:
-Using a pretty pen makes letter writing even more special!
-I love making envelopes from pretty papers or pages from magazines.
-I purchase fun stamps with cool designs on them--not just the regular ho-hum ones. Ask at the post office to see all their different stamps.
-Set aside time once a week to send someone a note, a letter, even a postcard.
-Treat yourself every once in a while to some really fun stationery or note cards!
-Light a candle, put on some music & visit a friend by writing a letter!
Check out Laura's Letter Writing blog party today & all week!


  1. Love the story about your first vintage postcard! I'm also a big fan of making envies from magazine pages-thanks for reminding me to do that!

  2. I love the morse code and postcard thing! :)


    - Cesia.

  3. what a wonderful story!! I love your tips too.


  4. i really wish people sent more letters.
    also i have tagged you. 5-8 radom things about you.

  5. Hi, I'm on the letter writing trail following all of these links and stumbled upon your adorable blog. I can see how letter writing can turn into a relaxing ritual, especially with a cup of hot tea. Great post! I'll be coming back to visit again:)

  6. norah jones sucked me in and led to a trip to the itunes store before i remembered why i was here. great post. i can just imagine deciphering morse code. how absolutely exciting!!! i am going to write several letters this week. my promise to me.


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