Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mr. Owl & Other Stuff

Look who flew the coop! I was very excited to give Mr. Owl a new home today. A first-time Etsy buyer scooped him up & he'll land on a brown leather sofa, so I'm told. Can't you just picture him, so yummy, on on that sofa? I really will miss the little guy. It only inspires me to create more of his kind.

This photo is really fuzzy, but I had to show you what the girls had for dinner tonight. A Mickey Mouse pizza! Isn't that cute? No, I didn't make it. It's frozen.

I've been working on some more watercolor cupcake paintings today. Nothing to show, but my plastic protective sleeves & stay-flat envelope mailers should be here next week & then I'll be in business!

And guess what I'm getting? A button machine! You know, those cute little round pins that you can put just about anywhere? I'm so nervous to buy it because it's my first really big purchase. But, I figure it will be an investment 'cause eventually I'll be selling cute buttons in the shop! I was contemplating getting a machine big enough to make those pocket mirrors OR one that makes those small 1" buttons. The machine I want doesn't have an option for interchangeable sizes & I CANNOT fork over the dough for TWO machines. That's just craziness. So, I decided on the one that makes small buttons. Now if I could just click the "PAY NOW" button.....


  1. bye bye Mr Owl how lovely Nikki a great sale, Mikey rocks.
    Oh Button machine I nearly got one, wish I had

  2. where in th eworld did you find a mickey mouse frozen pizza?
    good luck with the bottons. you drawings will look flippin cool on those.

  3. Where are you getting the button mahcine from? I've thought about ordering one myself.

  4. Wal-Mart sells the Mickey Mouse pizza. They are quite gross, if you ask me.


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