Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday for my Saturday "Nikki Time" I painted, with the odor of oil & grease & antifreeze in the air. I hung out with my sis while she did some work at my family's auto mechanic shop. I spread my watercolors & paper & thingies on the shop counter & I got so much done. I'm finding when I leave the home-front to find creative time each Saturday, I get so much more done. I just stuff my crafty tote with all my supplies & hit the road.

I was able to complete 3 paintings on the new 9" x 12" paper I recently purchased. And, it is very different painting something on super small paper & then painting it a bit larger.

I'll be selling 8" x 10" prints in the shop, but first I need to find out what the heck kind of paper to print them on, get protective sleeves in the correct size & heavy flat mailers. I've been researching to find the best deal. How exhausting & un-fun. So far, it seems has a great deal on flat mailers. And as far as the clear protective sleeves--polypropylene or polyethylene? Who knows. I'm really excited to reveal them in my Etsy shop! It may take a couple weeks....
Today I'm working on a couple more cupcake character designs. I just have this little fluttery excited feeling inside about these paintings. I love making them & I think they are whimsical & happy & fun!

Look at this little paint set I found in my crafty drawer. My granny always give me cool stuff she finds at thrift stores or garage sales. This set is only about 6 inches long & on the back it says "W-Germany". It looks like half of the colors have been used by the previous owner. I think I won't use them. They are kinda neat.

These are a collection of vintage button rings in my shop at the moment. I thought it'd be fun to get them all together for a reunion.


  1. oh I am soo totally excited to see your fab new paintings, they sound totally awesome

  2. love those rings. they look just like candy. i would be tempted to pop them in my mouth. :)

  3. Beautiful blog! Love the color!
    Sandra Evertson


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