Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Morning...

I haven't had one of these mornings in a long time. Let me just tell you about it...
It started out with ME waking up butt early to watch the news to see if the school's were closed or delayed or whatever due to the snow. I found out they were a-go. So, I proceed to heat some water on the stove (yes, those are lips on my teapot) for some tea. I then go upstairs to find my youngest has a wet bed. (Potty training at night is not going so swell.) The girls begin to get dressed for school. My 3 year old is having trouble getting her shirt over her head. SO, I help her. And, in the process of tugging her larger head through the tiny opening, she gets a TERRIBLE kink in her neck. She is in so much pain & begins to cry. Who the heck has ever heard of a 3 year old with a kink in her neck? So, she cries all morning & I feel awful for her but we have to get movin' to get out the door to drop my oldest off at school....I then go into the kitchen to find the teapot----- STUCK to the burner. I SWEAR there was water in it, but it had pretty much melted to the stove. As you can see, it's burnt all over & nasty inside & very ruined. And my teacup sits so lonely next to its dead friend. That was at 8:30 this morning. It's now 1:45 & I have still not had my cup of tea. There really is no point to this story. But, I'm going to heat up a saucepan of water for my tea now.


  1. Aw! It sounds like a rough start. I dig the tea pot lips, though. It looks like I missed lots of good posts while I've been out of town. Really like the mannequin photo btw:)

  2. oh sweetie, poor little en kriks kill.
    Oh its so funny americans call a kettle a teapot, in england cause we drink so much tea, kettles/teapots on the stove are more of a look than a use we have electric ones which we use all the time, but when the electric goes saucepans on the ghas hob are a dream.
    I totally feel for your bad morning sweet Nikki hope your day got a bit more fun


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