Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Vintage Mannequin Heads Sittin' in a Tree...

...K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. (Remember that little ditty?)

Miss Roxie Valentine has found true love in Mr. Harold. I call this picture "Mannequin Love" & you can purchase a notecard or a photo in my shop later today! A little wacky, I know. But perfect for a little light-hearted Valentine fun! It makes me laugh. Especially when my 5 year old sees me during the photo shoot & asks, "Are they getting married mommy?" Does it remind you of playing with your Barbies as a kid & making Ken & Barbie smooch?
***UPDATE: The notecard is in the shop! Click HERE to check it out!

All of a sudden I realized there is a lot on my plate this week & I need to get my crafty tushy moving. I'm all about lists so I'll publicly declare my "to-do's". It makes me feel better to talk about it, ya know?

1. My soon to be 3-yr old niece is having a "strawberry" themed birthday party. I need to come up with a gift to make. The party is this Saturday. Ugh!

2. My sis-in-law asked me to make a some decorations for the birthday cakes at my niece's party.

3. My dad's birthday is Monday Feb. 4th. Oh dad, why are you so hard to shop for? I need a gift for pops.

4. Order dad's birthday cake. I am ordering my dad a really cool surprise of a cake. I'll reveal more as it gets closer to his birthday. I hope it gets here on time. I've never ordered anything online that I HAD to have by a certain date. Hmmm.

5. Come up with a back-up dessert plan in case dad's cake is a no-show.

6. Get more prints made of my cupcake watercolor paintings. (I'm getting ready for my Etsy gallery opening. haha! Doesn't that sound all artistic & official? Hey, that gives me an idea! Maybe a blog gallery party or something to celebrate??)

7. Start AND finish a custom order for 'B.Dazzled!' by Sunday. My customer ordered 2 mini tag banners with her shop name on 'em in browns & pinks. Yummy color combo!

8. Brave the snow & take Zoey to the dentist today. (Yuck people! It's freezing outside, there's snow on the ground EVERYWHERE & I'm supposed to trek all across town for teeth???!!) The only reason I mentioned this on my list is because it'll take me half the day fretting about driving in the snow & the other half getting there & back as I drive the pace of a snail.

9. And last but not least, I'll do my usual crafty thing while ignoring the fact that the house is a mess.
Ok, gotta go get ready for my date with the dentist...


  1. that pic is the best!
    right after i saw it i thought she needs to make that into cards and then i read that you are.
    my dad is so super hard to buy for too. and this past christmas i got him a subscription to popular mechanics which is his favorite magazine. if your dad is into anything like that its such an awesome deal. the gift that gives all year ya know.

  2. you crack me up Nikki, wow you are super busy, my dad has no hobbies and no life so I know that gift feeling, I am trying to think of something now for his birthday in march.
    I HATE driving in the snow too so total sympathy with you xox

  3. I love the mannequin cards! I hope they are married! I would be terrified to drive in the snow!

  4. Aww..looks like they are in love.. your pictures are always the best!! the dentist..even yuckier..calls for some hot chocolate! lol...
    Happy Birthday to your Father!! Stay Warm..

  5. Nikki, I love how weird you are :)

    This is my favourite blog.

  6. The Mannequin's kissing... He he so cute. Makes me feel like a child again.


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