Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Recap!

Hi blog peeps! I had a really nice weekend road trip to Lewiston, Idaho with the fam! The girls were on their best behavior, so that was a MAJOR bonus!
I got away on Saturday with my friend Tara & we went to a few antique-ish/thrifty spots. I got some fun vintage stuff I plan to put in the shop this week.
I even saw a beautiful rainbow!

Look! Here's another boring scenic photo!

Do any of you have a flickr account? I do. But, it's been pretty stale & unused for a long time. I just recently had the urge to get it going again. I've had a problem with my computer being OVERLOADED with pictures, so I think I'll take advantage of flickr's "pro" account & save my computer's memory--(a HUUUUGE pet peeve of Mr. WHiMSy love's!) There is so much inspiration on flickr anyway, so it'll be another fun resource! YAY for organization!

I have sent a message to those that won the bottlecaps in the drawing last Friday. But, I have no way of contacting two of the winners: Stabitha & Bethany D. Please contact me with your addresses so I can mail your super duper prize!
**UPDATE: All the winners bottlecaps (except the above mentioned) will be mailed out Tuesday the 15th!


  1. wow! looks like a fab time!
    Ohoh!! I have a Flickr account...can I add you as a contact? ...oh..uh how do I do that?LOL!!

  2. ohhh me love flickr, I am joining with you now.
    love the photo's, what absolutley amazing scenery, totally gorgeous
    hey check out my blog surprise for you

  3. Love the vintage goodies you got!


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