Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'WhiMSy love' Does Watercolors!

Cup + Cake = Cupcake
I was up late last night & this image popped into my head. It's a concept in progress. Cup PLUS Cake EQUALS Cupcake. I thought it was cute & fun. I'll work on it though. Because I've already shown it to a couple people & they didn't get it. I love the look of it in watercolors. My favorite part is the moustache on the cup! I've had my paints buried in a crafty drawer & thought I'd resurrect them. I'm still learning, but am having so much fun!
And this is the first time I'm using photos from flickr. I guess "flickr law" says if you use your photo from their site it has to link back to your photos. Not sure how I like that, but we'll see.

My fantastically messy watercolors!
I'm inspired by my love of cupcakes, I'm inspired by my friend Laura & her paintings, I'm inspired by my girls & their carefree creative attitudes, I'm inspired by a passion to try new things.


  1. I love this watercolor. Very Cool. You take such great pictures too, what kind of camera do you use? Anyways great stuff. Laura Kelley

  2. Thanks Laura! My camera is a Kodak EasyShare C663. I'm still getting used to taking pictures--it's hit or miss.

  3. I love this! Very cute! Is there anything you aren't good at? You're my idol!

    Love the watercolor picture too.

  4. how could they not get that?! its so obvious. and so super cute. wish i had thought of it, darn it!

  5. I love your painting. Too gorgeous!!

  6. I got it! I think it's a fabulously cute idea!

    Love that colorful pic of the watercolors too.

  7. I got it! It's adorable! :)

  8. I had to come all the way down to bottom to get in.I love your blog, Thanks for stopping by mine.I love the ring put my name in. Debb


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