Friday, February 22, 2008

Cozy Toes & Zipper Pouches

My girls & I awoke to a crisp & rainy morning. We donned our slippers socks (Valentine clearance at Target! woot! woot!), waffles are in the works & I see a glorious day ahead!

OK, one more shot of the cupcake slipper socks. Look at the quilted runner my granny sent me! It's covered in sweet desserts! Yum!

I have been wanting to show off some gifts that arrived recently. They actually came at a perfect time--right in the middle of all the moving. Happy mail, ya know? The first is a super "Happy Birthday" banner made by Jerusalem at Storia Home. It is so precious & I can't wait to use it! In fact, I do believe I will be the first in the fam to use it as I'm the next in line for a celebration! I'll have to wait until April...
The NEXT super fun giftie I got was from Joanne at Reindeergirl Designs. She made this very pink & girly necklace & bought me this awesomely adorable cupcake snap pouch for my biz cards from Oh So Retro. Joanne is my favoritest reindeer EVERS! Thanks ladies for totally makin' me smile!

And did you think I was going to put off my February goal of learning how to make a zipper pouch? Nope. Even though half of my crafty supplies are still packed in boxes, I dug around until I came up with some suitable supplies. The vintage blue fabric will be the inside of the pouch, & the vintage-inspired paper doll fabric (from my BFF Beck at Little Daisy Chains) will be the outside fabric. My fabric combos are a LITTLE crazy, but what can a crafty girl up to her waist in unpacked moving boxes do? I still need to purchase a zipper foot though. I'm really scared. I was up all night searching through zipper pouch tutorials, reading comments from zipper pouch novices & pros & freaking out at some of their comments. From what I hear, zippers are SUPER hard. Ugh. I've only got about 8 days left. And half of those 8 days will be spent reading & re-reading & re-re-reading & re-re-re-reading the instructions. I have to read it until I can picture it in my head & understand what is what. That's just how I roll.

And before I go, I am announcing a CONTEST!! YAY! On February 28th I will be celebrating my 1-year blog-a-versary. Tomorrow will be the official contest post & all the details & prizes will be revealed. Stay tuned!


  1. Zippers are not that hard, they just need a little fiddling. The tricky bit is getting past the zipper tab - the best way (I think) is to start with the tab half way down, sew until you nearly get to it, stop with your needle still in the fabric, lift your presser foot,move the tab out of the way, then carry on sewing. Use loads of pins, tack stitches, or glue the zipper in place first.

  2. Maybe you've got more tolerance for zippers ... but they're what made me put away my sewing machine! I wish you luck! :D

    FYI, I sent your package out for the OWOH event. I hope it reaches you soon. :D

  3. Big YAY for cupcake slippers, waffles (MMMM! Are you SURE you won't adopt me?? :), presents, and a soon-to-be zipper pouch! Good luck with it!

    (Oh, and YAY for new pink houses and a WhiMSy Love blog with pictures again!! YAY! :)


  4. oh some totally gorgeous goodies, how cute is that runner and I so want those slipper socks.
    Oh can't wait to see zipper pouch completed and the blog anniversary yippeeeeeeee


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