Friday, February 1, 2008

Gimme an "R"! Gimme an "A"! Gimme a "N-D-O-M"!

I could totally be Chewbacca's hot sister....or not. HAHAHAHA!

And in other news...Lookie! Lookie what I got!

And just ignore the dirty floor, dirty stove & other dirtiness. Isn't my new pink teapot cute? I had to dump the other one that I accidentally melted to the stove. And the 70's stove & 80's wallpaper are so cute too. (BLECK! I hate 'em. I'm a renter. Not much I can do.)

I was bored last night so I thought I'd snap a few shots of my home. This pic is of a really skinny wall that I decorated with my book art. The book art is coming to my Etsy shop again in April! Oh, & those heads are now gone. Mr. WHiMSy love hates them so they live in my art studio now. And I cropped the picture because there are messes on both sides of this display!

I wasn't trying to focus on the mirror in this picture, but the reflection of the star paper lights I recently purchased. I chose a cream color, a teal blue & a hot pink. I realized after I got them home that it kinda looks like patriotic "red, white & blue". I plan on keeping them up year round as funky decor. They are handmade from India. The mirror is handmade too--embossed from Mexico.

And I'm trying some new photos with props for the shop for when I get my cupcake watercolors listed. I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for my protective sleeves & mailers to arrive! I LOVE this sidetable! I made it about 3 years ago from a vintage suitcase & some table legs I stained with stripes. I got the suitcase at a garage sale & it belonged to a lady who'd had it as a little girl & fondly remembered her vacation to Hawaii with it. You can still see the "Hawaii" sticker on it. She TOTALLY had trouble giving it up but I promised her it was going to a good home. My Christmas ornaments are tucked away inside. I heart sneaky storage!


  1. ok i totally looove the stove. but thats just me and my love for ugly things that people love to hate. and your teapot makes it look super cute. and i love that table. you have just given me some awesome ideas for the real life shop. :)

  2. I loved looking around your house. It's soooo Minxy!

  3. Cool apartment! Your photos are very artful, and I think your suitcase table idea is genius.

  4. This is such a great idea!
    Love it!

    Have a Blessed Happy Fun
    Healthy Creative Year!!!

  5. I realize that I am over a year late commenting on this post, but I JUST saw it, and HAD to tell you- I am SOOOO going to steal your suitcase table idea! I have an old suitcase from when I was little that I use for stashing stuff in, abd it would be a PREFECT endtable! Yay! BTW, you, and your blog, are super-duper awesome and I <3 reading it! Thanks for being so freakin' inspiring!


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