Monday, February 25, 2008


I've been giving my computer the "evil eye" all day because it has not been cooperating. All I wanted to do was wish myself a bloggy happy anniversary this morning. It's now evening. I'll continue anyway...
Yay! One year! I can't believe I've blabbed for that long. Well, I kinda can believe it. This first blogging year has brought me 10,000 views (I'm sure about 2000 are from me alone...), 260 posts, numerous comments, & several swell friends. Did you know that I had NO IDEA what the heck a blog even was a year ago? I'm serious.

So thanks blog friends & blog lurkers for the occasional chat & drive-by.

My winnings from the One World-One Heart blog event have started rolling in & look what arrived this weekend! Even the OUTSIDE of the package was dripping with crafty goodness! Sandy knows how to rock the mail crafty-style! The packaging was sweet & the card was vintage inspired & awesome. And what was inside?
This cute painted strawberry tray! I think it's for decoration purposes, but I just can't let things sit around. I can't wait to use it & serve sweet froo-froo summer drinks to my girls! Thanks Sandy, it is adorable!

The unpacking is zapping my energy. I even just LOOK at a box & immediately have to go take a nap. It's not THAT bad, really. I pushed my "turbo" button this weekend & got all the boxes unpacked. Now everything just needs to be organized & put away correctly. I had to take a break though & use my button machine--still in the box!--that I got about 2 1/2 weeks ago! I can't wait to show you pics tomorrow!

My family just had to get away after a week of moving, unpacking, disorganization & disarray. So, Mr. WhiMSy love & I took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese & had a blast eating pizza & playing games. I was bummed that the batteries in my camera died. I only got a couple pics, but the cool flashing lights & crazy colors all over would make for some fun photos!

**Remember!! At 11:59 this evening I'm going to draw 2 names & announce the winners of my ONE YEAR ANNI-BLOGGER-VERSARY!!! You can enter up to the last minute!


  1. Happy Blogiversary!
    I'm so glad that the package made it! Enjoy!
    Have a fabulous week and I'm so glad that I've found you and your blog!


  2. jeez - i went to chuck e cheese once in atlanta - instant headache, but the kids love it! feel free to link me was what i actually wanted to say, and happy official bloggerversary!

  3. woohoo happy cupcake anniversary to nikki, the inspire of all things cupcake, cool package and chuck e cheese ok i didn't think it exsisted awesome


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