Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Pops!

Ok, here's the big surprise for my dad's birthday. It arrived yesterday & the girls are poking & gawking at it in the photo...
It's a king cake! I decided to do something fun for dessert for his party tonight! I ordered it from New Orleans & I've left it as a surprise for my entire fam (except for mom & grandmother). My sis is pretty much from Louisiana & it'll be a sentimental thing for her as well since she relocated here after Hurrican Katrina & a piece of her will always be there.

I left the cake in the bag to keep it fresh, but I'll get better pictures tonight when we're all munching on it! I think it is a faux pas to eat a king cake after Mardi Gras (Feb 5th this year!), but I guess I'm willing to suffer the humiliation.

My dad is a giant goofball & I love him so much! Happy Birthday dad!
P.S. I got my button machine today!!!!!


  1. Hey! I am hosting a swap and I would love for you to join! come by my blog to check it out!

  2. Those King cakes are awesome!! And who among us crafty types doesn't like the beads and feathers that come with?

  3. Yay! A happy birthday to your dad!! Your King Cake looks a whole lot better than mine did when it arrived! FUN!!!

  4. Oh man! I am very sad now that I, a resident of Louisiana, did not even get one taste of King Cake this year. I even attended a Mardi Gras Ball! There is just no excuse for that. Now, who will find the baby?

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    I am having a give away of an original pen and ink drawing for my One World-One Heart Give Away

  6. OOH I love those. my husbands aunt sent us one a few years ago YUMM O

  7. Yay!! Happiest of Birthdays to Pops!!
    scrumptious lookin' cake!

  8. Love it!!!!! I never saw this one before love u sis


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