Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've Been Awarded & Tagged!

I was given two awards recently. And I must be polite & mention them.

The first was given to me by Anna at Marmadaisy & originated from Arte y Pico. This award is to be passed to those that inspire & stimulate you. Anna is full of craftiness & silliness & goofiness & all the things I really like. I feel totally honored to have ever inspired you miss Anna.

So, I pass this award to....

...Laura at katydiddys. Our love of cupcakes brought us together & I'm so glad it did! Her artwork is sweet & simple & I'm inspired by her "Just go for it! You can do it!" attitude. She is very real & grounded & honest & is always someone I can bounce ideas off of, or ask questions & often she takes my hand & leads me & I appreciate her very much.

...Jerusalem at my little life. She makes beautiful things & says beautiful things & I enjoy watching her journey because often times it is my own.

...Jeanetta at splendid things. She is a super artist & fantastic cornball. She is one of those people that I feel I've known for a long time. I always smile when I see I have a comment or email from my sweet splendid Jeanetta.

I was also given this award from Kara at Innocent Charms Chats. Thanks Kara--I'm happy to be associated with anything sparkly!

Scrappy Sue also tagged me. So, here are 7 random facts about me...
1. OK, here's a pet peeve. You know how when you leave a comment on someones blog & every once in a while you have to type in a "code" of letters that are sort of twisted & blurred for their "security" purposes? You know what I'm talking about? It's to insure you aren't some robot computer trying to have your way with their computer. Well, sometimes I cannot even understand the letters that are all twisted & blurred. Sometimes it takes me, like 4 or 5 tries to figure out if I'm looking at a "w" or two "v's". Am I making any sense here? Or is it just me?

2. I used to be a SUPER clean person as a kid/teen. I was such an awful perfectionist. That has all changed. I am trying to put a date on it, but I think it was around the time I got married that I just let it go. I think all those years of HAVING to have to everything in its proper spot just filled me up & I'm over it now. I'm not a slob. I don't live in a pigsty, but I can accept a bit of a mess.

3. I can't dance. But as a teen I always thought it would be the coolest thing to be a dancer. Not ballroom, but like on Broadway or in my favorite show ever--STOMP! I love watching all those dance shows on TV now too--especially that Randy Jackson one, America's Best Dance Crew.

4. Egg rolls are one of my favoritest foods ever. Have I mentioned this one before? Frozen, served at a restaurant, made from scratch...I don't care. As long as they are yummy. I like to dip them in ketchup or really good sweet-n-sour sauce. If a restaurant has crappy egg rolls, I'll probably never eat there again.

5. I had an ingrown toenail surgically removed about 5 years ago. How does that topic sit after reading about egg rolls?

6. When I was in about the 5th grade my friend & I decided to make eyeshadow & blush out of crushed pieces of chalk. We thought we were so clever. Until her mom overheard us talking about our concoction & told us to stop. I was obsessed with playing with makeup as a kid with my friends. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until the 7th grade though, when I was 13.

7.No matter how "weighty" or thin I've been my whole life, I've always had chubby knees.

Speaking of awards & such, Mr. WhiMSy love is actually going to sit with me this evening & watch the Oscars. I'll be sure & do something crafty 'cause I can't just sit still & do nothin'!

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  1. nice tag nikki! i know what u mean about the security letters - especially the ones with the black scratch marks all over them - SO ANNOYING!!!

  2. oh wow i feel the same about you!! cornballs unite!! ohh i have to go tear up now, where's that tissue box when you need it.

  3. The spam protection drives me up the wall. I *always* have to type it 2-3 times! Most blogger blogs don't even need it.

  4. Thanks so much for the award! Your words almost made me cry! By the way, don't worry-I'm not going on a huge hiatus from my blog-I'll still post about 1x a week. XOXOX

  5. I will never be able to separate the concepts of "egg roll" and "ingrown toenail" again. Yum.

  6. They're called capchas, and they are mightily annoying. I could never do those blimmin' magic eye things either.
    Thanks so much for your cupcake-sweet words :)


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