Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moving sucks.

I am writing this from a lone computer in a remote location. My computer & TV got turned off yesterday (by accident from the cable company!!) It'll get turned back on tomorrow in our new house tomorrow late afternoon. Life is lonely without you, my blog friends. I have already set up an appt. this evening to watch Project Runway at my parents house while they sleep. haha! I guess my mom & dad aren't the party animals I thought they were. Am I pathetic? Look, it's my escape. I need it. I am about to fall over from exhaustion. The move is sucking the life out of me. The shop is closed until Monday morning, the 18th. I'll be back to normal by then.....I'm hoping. Is this all blurred together & mushy? It is. It's a reflection of how I am existing at the moment. The downstairs room in our new house is officially painted "classic taupe". It looks kind of fleshy colored. And this room is now gonna be my art studio. I look forward to setting up my creative space soon!
I WILL be on here tomorrow morning to announce the winner of my contest though! YAY!


  1. Ugh. I hate moving. Ugh.

    (Nice dining room table!)

    Just think how lovely it will be when you're finished! :)

  2. Ok now I am just coveting the bright green ring with the red and white. I am so addicted. I wear one of your rings every day - they make me so happy!

    Your banner is on the way. I hope if finds you during all this moving crazyness. Do we get to see pictures of the new house? Have I missed that somewhere along the way... I will be watching PR with you in spirit...

  3. moving is the pits!! ugg it gives me hives to think i might have to do it again in the near future when i still have boxes i havent unpacked from july. :P

  4. I hope you're getting settled in OK.

    To cheer you up, I have given you an award here:

  5. Congratulations on winning my giveaway!!! Please check my blog for details. I've also sent you an email requesting your snailmail addy :-)

    Yes, moving can be so stressful. And I know all about it. Last year we moved from Ireland to the UK, and then moved house again 6 months later. I'm still recovering from it! Wishing you much flow with all aspects of your move.

  6. I hate moving, too. With a passion.

    But you do like winning things, right? :) 'Cause I decided to draw 4 EXTRA names for some surprise things...and your name was picked! Come On Down ...! :)

    Please email me your NEW mailing address & I'll get something in the mail to you soon!

  7. Hi Nikki,
    YOU ARE MY OWOH WINNER and have my handpainted strawberry tray will be on it's way to you as soon as you email me your mailing address.


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