Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rockin' it Crafty-Style for Pops!

I recently realized that I didn't get pictures of all the Christmas goodies I made for the holidays. I was SO down to the last crafty seconds makin' stuff. Literally. I finished up the last gift an hour before our family gift exchange. There was no time for photos.

So, THIS go-around I wanted to show off what I got my dad for Christmas. My pop works at the family auto mechanic shop as the service writer. I visited him yesterday for a mini photo shoot. He wanted some fingerless gloves to work in. (Little did he know they are SO in!) I got the gloves at Home Depot. They're just the cheapo pack of 6 brown pairs of jersey gloves. I knew he'd be gettting them thrashed & dirty & that's why I went that route. He got the pirate skullie pair & the hammer pair for X-mas. For his birthday at the beginning of February, I made him this nuclear pair. It's sort of cool AND a joke at the same time since our back yard is pretty much the Hanford Site. (Plutonium manufactured at the site was used in the first atom bomb. Oh, & another jolly historical fact: 53 million gallons of high-level radioactive waste remain at this site--the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States.) Doesn't that just make ya chuckle?

The gloves are made the same way I make my cupcake aprons, using iron-on fusible sheets & stitching around the edges.

So, that's my show-n-tell for today.

REMEMBER: Today at 3pm I'll unveil (even though you've seen 'em) 2 cupcake prints in the shop! UPDATE! The prints are in the shop now, in a new "Cupcake Prints" section in the shop!

P.S. I'm out the rest of the day to work on learning how to make a zipper pouch for my February goal. I indeed have all the supplies--even a zipper foot already hidden in my stash at home. At least that's what the man at the fabric store told me I had. In his "yes" reply, he didn't even look up from what he was doing, so I'm a little nervous...


  1. cute cookie cake. cute buttons. cute fingerless gloves! great posts. hope u have a great day. come see the new shoes i bought!!! lol

  2. Oh yur Pop is 'rockin' in those fun gloves.
    What a unique idea!
    Hope you are settling in your new home wonderfully!

  3. those gloves are just awesome. great job.


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