Saturday, February 2, 2008

Strawberry Party Madness!

No, not a 'Strawberry Shortcake' party--as in that cute little doll with other fruity friends. But a plain ole "strawberry" party. My niece turned 3 this week & requested this theme as a party after seeing this cake in a Mary Poppins book. My sis-in-law, Carolyn, had me decorate a flag for the cake. On the oppisite side of the flag I glued 3 cute little plastic strawberries.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE it when people ask me for ideas for an event they are planning. Carolyn asked me for ideas & so I unloaded all my cutest & strawberry-ish ideas. One of which were these adorable strawberry balloons, decorated with paper tissue leaves & black marker seeds. The kids took them home after the party. These were my favorite part of the party. They looked so cute clustered together!

I also suggested she fill these plastic fruit baskets with goodies for the kids. Well, the grocery stores around here had ZERO of them. She managed to round up a few from her mom & filled them with various candies & treats to scatter on the table for guests to munch on instead. One produce guy said, "Why don't you ask someone at a fruit & veggie produce stand?" Um....hello? Do you know how freakin' cold it is outside & seriously--have you seen any produce stands within MILES of here this time of year??????

I love using ALL the senses at a party & so candles are a big deal to me. And these strawberry scented candles were perfect!

The guests sipped on strawberry lemonade & after pizza & a game of pin-the-leaf on the strawberry, everyone enjoyed strawberry milkshakes! Carolyn even snipped the ends off of licorice (strawberry twizzlers she'd have you know!) so the kids (& me) could slurp it up like a straw!

Kids parties are for the adults as well, & I love giving the adults party favors too. While the kids took home goodies wrapped in red cellophane--such as red fingernail polish & strawberry lipgloss--the adults all took home a handful of chocolate dipped strawberries wrapped in equally festive cellophane. They were yummy! I ate mine immediately when I got home after the party! One adult at the party was allergic to strawberries. How random & ironic is THAT?

My niece had a great time & her strawberry party was a burst of fruity-flavored fun!


  1. What a cute party! Love the balloon idea!

  2. What an awesome party idea. I might have to steal that theme one day:)

  3. What wonderful party ideas! Your niece must have been in 7th heaven!
    I enjoyed looking at all the photos!

  4. Awww, how cute it turned out!! :) Love the balloons!


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