Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stuff on a Tuesday

Ta-da! Aren't the buttons super cute? They are so tiny & perfect! I'm still trying to figure out how to get my shop name on the edge in wee little letters. I'm thinking of making them the freebies in all my orders for the month of March!

And here's my button maker. Just as lovable, but not so cute. Yay for new toys!
And ANOTHER One World-One Heart blog event prize winning package arrived yesterday from Susanne. What a fun smorgasbord of crafty bits! My girls had just as much fun opening it as I did! I think my kidlets believe it's Christmas around here with all these packages arriving.

Today I received the most thoughtful gift from my super blog friend Laura at katydiddys. She sent me a housewarming gift to hang in my art studio! It's a really creative piece of artwork. Don't be too jealous--you can have one too. Laura's shop, katydid designs, is always full of sweet lovelies! I love it Laura. It just made my heart gush to receive it. I hung it up right away. And remember, people, I said I unpacked--I just haven't organized so well yet.Well, I'm off to grandmother's for a birthday party. I baked a giant chocolate chip cookie cake for her. I'll give a tutorial tomorrow. It'll be what NOT to do. haha!


  1. ok... i want a button maker. add it to the list. honey....? is anyone listening? hello?

  2. ok imagine stomping feet thats me wanting your button maker, too cute.
    The cupcake brigade look really at home there.
    oh how cute is laura and hoe cute does the artwork look yummy.
    choc chip cake ok i am seriously hungry

  3. There's nothing like a great mail day! I hope you'll receive your OWOH package from me very soon :-)

  4. Glad you like it. It's not a cupcake, I thought you could use some tea to wash down all those cupcakes! Hope it makes your home feel warm & cozy just like, well...a pot of tea!

  5. I'm glad my package arrived safely!! I hope you all have some fun with it! :D It feels like Christmas, here, too! I'll have to post some photos!


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