Monday, February 18, 2008

There's No Place Like Home....

Hello!!!!! I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!! And I am SOOOO gonna make up now for the last few posts without photos. Here's some adorable sparkly shoes my oldest wee one got for Valentines Day. I thought this pic went along well with the title of this post. And then, my youngest wee one wanted her shoes part of it all too. You can totally see their personalities even in their footed attire. I love these feet!

The glass painting last Tuesday at my MOPS meeting went well. I think so anyway. I was beaming with cupcake pride as my original cupcake design was copied as lots of the other moms had trouble coming up with ideas for a design. Yay for cloned cupcakes! I made a plate that, instead of saying "Happy Birthday", said "Sweet Day" so it could be used for more special occasions throughout the year. I gave it to my 3-year old niece for Valentines Day, along with a felt "E" for the firts letter in her name. And, though you can't see it very well in the photo, I also attached a cupcake soap I purchased from Sublime Dragonfly. This scent was Pink Cotton Candy.

I also bought 2 soaps for my daughters: Chocolate Buttercream & Mint Chocolate Cookie. I SWEAR I saw my daughter take a lick of the mint chocolate cookie one. But, she said she didn't. (Said the sneaky little girl with suds on her top lip.) But, the scents ARE amazing! Sublime Dragonfly even has a PB&J cupcake soap. The soaps in the picture are actually in the process of being used. That's why they look so.....used.
My girls even got into the glass painting action & painted plates for their preschool teachers as Valentines Day gifts! I'm actually excited to paint vases, cake plates, cute little saucers & mugs...
Oh, one last Valentines Day thingie! My fam was at our old house & we get a knock on the door. One of the little neighbor boy's was standing there & asked to see my girls. He's 5. He gave my 5 year old daughter this Valentine card....So cute! My daughter made him a card in return & daddy walked the girls down the street to give the midget suitor a cookie, a valentine & a card.
OK, I lied. One more V-Day bit. Here's a pic of a tulip's private parts. My hubby gave me & the girls our very own bouquet of flowers.
I have been showered SO sweetly since moving into my new home. As we were cleaning & painting last week in our new home, a neighbor brought us cinnamon rolls--handmade! I use the canned version, so this was a special treat indeed!
And a couple ladies from my MOPS group (Mothers of PreSchoolers) have brought us meals--unexpectedly! I am just surprised & loving the thoughtfulness! I've never had anyone do this kind of thing for me before. It's sort of weird & cool. These people are definitely seeing me in my raw state. Pajama's all day, no makeup, hair a mess. It's my unpacking attire. Glamour is not at the top of my list this week. Or next. And come to think of it, unpacking's not really up there on the list either. Hm....

The moving went well though. I am super tired. And there are boxes everywhere. Sometimes I know I SHOULD be unpacking, but I just walk by the large mound of boxes that I'm sure really do create some sort of hazard & just shrug & say, "Eh" & keep walking by. But, there is a sweet note on each & every box in our house: At our old house, I would pack up the boxes & when I was finished my 5 year old would write "DONE" on the top of the box. HAHA! If the closed box with the tape sealing every opening might not have given me any hint that the box was ready to go, the word "DONE" sure helped! And the backwards "D" is just precious.

And here's my art studio! This is the "BEFORE" & "DURING" shot. The "AFTER" shot is still to come. The walls & ceiling are painted in the same color & it just looks TONS better! I'll be unpacking this week & figuring where things go. I'm excited to have a place ALL to myself! I'll make sure to get pics of the progress.

I used my dishwasher for the first time last night & the girls & I shouted "Hip Hip Hooray!" like a million times because it is so fun to have dishwasher. I love my new home SO much. It has lots of cuteness potential. OK, I better go & [not] unpack. Goodnight! I love being back! I've missed this LOTS!!!!


  1. so glad ur geting settled. your art studio is going to look amazing! me, i scrap on the end of our dining room table. sad but true!

  2. Hello flower we've missed you!

    Can't wait to see more pics of your new home as you get your unpacking freak on!

    Have a great week.

  3. Oh loads of great pics, new massive art space woohoo, I love the glass painting I would so like to give that a try. I love the cupcake plaque, what a lovely auntie you are.
    Ok I want your little ens shows scrummy or what I love pink and glitter.
    hope things are going well

  4. Glad to see you are settled in & happy. Please email your new address to me! (Unless, of course, you no longer wish to receive mail from me.!)

  5. hurray for your new place!! I'm looking for a good frame for the Peter Pan cards to put them up in my kitchen or bedroom... but I'm in month three of (not)unpacking now, lol.

    The closet is looking better for sure!! How awesome. :)

  6. oh my gosh....i couldn't believe it when i saw your pictures of what will be (probably IS by now lol) your studio looks EXACTLY like one of the rooms in our basement!!!!!!!!!! and i mean exactly!!!!!!!!!! it even looks like it in the view with all the boxes because currently ours is just being used for storage!!!!!!...ours will most likely become our guest room/my boyfriend's office and we will be putting my studio upstairs where we also have a spare room and there is more light....BUT I would love to see some after pictures of your studio if you have any to see how you revamped it because i might just change my mind ;)...anyway mainly i wanted to tell you how awesome your blog is!...i have found so many great ideas already that i plan to put to use and i just found this blog five minutes ago!...thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas!..your new fan,

  7. I am the Creative Activities coordinator for my MOPS group and I want to recreate your Happy Birthday plates. I was wondering how you sent the plates home with your ladies... this is the only part that I am concerned about. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!


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