Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Za Veeners Are...

Was my title lame? (Za=The, Veeners=Winners) Hey, it's late. What do you expect. My goofball meter is at an all-time high this late at night. Take this photo for instance.

So, let's get to it, shall we? I was impressed to have 19 contestants at such short notice. Thanks crafty peeps.
The winner of the fantastic cupcake postcard pack is.....Chiara!!
YAY! WooHoo!

And an 8x10 cupcake print of THEIR choice will be going to......Laura at Crafty Family Blog!!!
Alright! Way to go! Let me know which sweet cupcake you'd like to call your own.

Please email me your addresses, blah blah blah, & I'll send your cupcake prizes at the end of the week!

If you're TOTALLY bummed that you didn't win (I would be), then don't fret my little honey buns. On Thursday afternoon, 3pm PST, I'll be listing 2 different cupcake prints in the shop. It'll be like my own little gallery grand-opening!

I'll be posting later with bits of random stuff.... I'm making my grandmother a cake for her birthday party tonight. And I'll be showing off my sweet cupcake buttons! Oh, & I got more goodies in the mail!

Goodnight. Get some sleep. Or stay up. And watch some rad infomercials.
Thanks everyone! This has been fun!


    ok totally loving the title i even said it with the accent.lol.

  2. Congratulations, Chiara! You lucky lucky LUCKY duck!! :

    Congrats to Laura, too!! :D

  3. I am so thrilled to win something. Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU! I can't wait to pick a little cupcake! I am already thinking I'd like to frame it for me daughter's room. This is the first blog win I've ever had!!!! Blogging is so fun!

  4. It was a showdown between Girly Girl Cupcake and Ballerina Princess Cupcake, since I'll frame it for DD's room (my three year old). Drum roll please, Ballerina Princess Cupcake fits the bill for Miss A. Thank you for letting me choose, it was so fun, Jealous Muffin is a trip too!!!


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