Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bits & Pieces on a Saturday...

Here's another Christmas gift I was able to take a picture of at grandmother's house recently. This is the purse I made for her from a placemat. I embellished both sides using leftover trim from the the placemat & a vintage button. Coordinating ribbon loops are sewn to the top of the purse to help secure the bamboo handles. Aren't my grandmothers hands beautiful?

The last of my One World One Heart blog event giveaway prizes arrived a couple days ago! It was from Chantal at Celestine Musings. I got an awesome book entitled "Altered Books Workshop". And, although I am pretty new to the altered scene, this book makes me wanna dig into it right away! And---holy crafty cow!!! There were SO many amazing bits & pieces & pages & scraps of papers, doo-dads, ribbons, pictures, TONS of stuff! I weighed it for fun. A WHOLE POUND of goodies! I am going to have so much fun with this.--Not only in any altered craft I begin, but I see so many images that would make really cool buttons, cards, tags.... Thank you Chantal!! Your gift all the way from the U.K. was an extremely delightful surprise on my doorstep!

It got SO warm outside a couple days ago! The girls eventually got into shorts & flip-flops & we colored with chalk & blew bubbles. Well, we didn't BLOW them exactly. The girls got this really cool bubble toy last year that dips into the bubble solution & when you push a button a fan blows TONS of bubbles everywhere. It is really fun. I wish I could remember where I got it from.

Pazely is about 2 inches off the ground in this photo. HAHA! I love these jumping photos. I have started a collection of them in fact.

I am really looking forward to warmer fact, I do believe it's a super sunny day outside & today we're making our first trip to the river this year! The girls love to roller skate & ride their bikes there while mommy & daddy stroll slowly along...

And after a few weeks without "Nikki Time" (I blame the move), I'm due for it BIG time! I need to think of something FABULOUS to do...


  1. oh Nikki, you are so super talented, I am loving that bag gorgeous, and you are right your gran's hands look so youthfull.
    How gorgeous do the girls look playing, that jump photo is awesome.
    have a lovely stroll by the river sounds fun

  2. Now those hands belong to a lady who knows how to use hand cream! Gorgeous!
    Never made cupcakes from scratch??? *thud*

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  4. Nikki, those bubble pics are amazing! And it looks like you had lots of fun too : )

  5. So glad you're enjoying your altered books package Nikki! Have fun :-)


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