Thursday, March 6, 2008

Craftin' With Candles

When you soak in a gorgeous bath indulging in all your favorite spa fixin's, what else do you need? Candles! Lots of candles! I thought I'd show you a tutorial on this month's craft that I'm doing with my MOPS group.

Every year we have one month set aside for "Spa Day". We have local businesses come in & treat the moms to massages, hair cuts, eyebrow waxing (I actually grew out my eyebrows one month at MOPS so I'd be ready for my first ever super eyebrow waxing session. Bummer thing is, there wasn't enough time for me to get a wax. I walked around with bushy & unmanageable brows for NO REASON!), reflexology, skin care, etc. So, I thought these candles fit the theme well for the crafty part of it all. It's a simple do-it-yourself thing whereas I can dump the supplies on a table & the ladies can step up & create at liesure without any official instructor needed. (Because I'll be off getting pampered!)
So, the first thing involves supplies. The picture at the top shows all necessary items required: candles (Pillar candles work the best. The ones in the photo are more like chubby votives, but I am planning on purchasing pillars for the "real" deal.), sequin pins (These are shorter than regular sewing pins & can be found at your local fabric store NEXT to the sewing pins & other notions. 350 of these cost just under 3 bucks.), & beads. (Make sure the holes in your beads are not larger than the head of the pins!)

Next you'll want to map out your design. A dry erase marker works well--just make small dots. My markings were huge with my big ole pen & it was hard to erase once the pins/beads were in. You could also "sketch" the design into the candle with the tip of a pencil.

Then, simply poke your pin through a bead & stick it into the candle, following your marks. My thumb hurt after a bit of pushing, so a thimble might be handy.

You can get as simple or as complicated as you want. I can totally see a group of pre-teen girls making these at a slumber party. Or they'd make perfect wedding favors--with a silver or gold monogrammed letter on each one!

Totally off topic here, but today is my wedding anniversary! 9years. 9 loooong years. HAHA! Happy Anniversary Mr. WhiMSy love!

Oh, & an update:I am on the mend. My sweet mom took me to the ER last night & I am being treated for an inner AND an outer ear infection. Since Sunday I've had constant pain in my ear & it is not fun. But, VERY slowly, I am getting better.


  1. glad ur on the mend, and happy anniversary! love the candles too

  2. oh you...go get pampered!! hope you feel better fast. Yur always coming up with such fun ideas.

  3. Glad to hear you are getting better! Love the candles.

  4. oh sweet Nikki, I have ear infection too and totally sympathise it hurts.
    I am totally loving the candles you are a genius.
    I love the butterfly - cute.
    p.s. I have tagged you

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  6. so cute! but what happens when you light them?


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