Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I did it! I made cupcakes from scratch! I'm embarrassed that I've never done it before. I don't know why I've always been so intimidated. And in the process of reaching this goal, I took 253 pictures. HAHA! I was super excited. But, I picked the best ones, threw away the scraps & I'm here to share what's left---2 dozen of 'em. I'm a cupcake nerd.

The book I was using suggested measuring everything out beforehand. I thought that would make my first experience a pleasurable & easy-going one. PLUS, I could pretend I was a chef on a famous TV show with all my sassy pre-measured ingredients.

I must share with you my most favorite vanilla in the whole world. My grandma brought it back from one of her visits to Mexico last year. It is so yummy. Most vanillas I've smelled have a strong alcohol scent. This one is just plain delicious.

Here's an action shot. My girls were eager to help, so I let them take over. I always let them bake with me but it was extra fun sharing this "first time" experience of mine with them.
I even loosened up a bit & let Zoey crack her first egg.

Pazely was on cupcake liner duty.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you what flavor of cupcake I made! Peanut butter. Yep. Gag all you want (Mr. WhiMSy love is) but I'm a huge fan of peanut butter. I was originally going to bake 2 different kinds of cupcakes, but I didn't have enough flour for 2 recipes.

The batter was so smooth & silky. I couldn't believe I had made it myself. Well, I had some help. I guess I can't take ALL the cupcake glory.
The house smelled so wonderful of fresh baked peanut butter goodies.

And next came the frosting! What goes best with peanut butter? CHOCOLATE! Chocolate butter cream frosting to be exact.

We had to test for proper chocolate consistency. It was good. REAL good.

This was a real messy project. I actually stopped halfway through the whole process to sweep & mop my floors because I was tired of walking around in my socks & stepping on crumbs & things. The mess MIGHT have had something to do with my two lovely assistants.
I must admit I didn't go crazy with the cupcake decor. I didn't go into as much detail as I could've. But I did finally get to use these adorable cupcake picks made by Laura at katydid designs. Last year Laura & I first got to know each other because we had our own little personal cupcake pick swap. I got these & she got some of my pinwheel cupcake picks. It was love at first cupcake for us. I had waited & waited for a special occasion to use these. I thought this day was a perfect day!
Yum! My girls decorated their cupakes with mint flavored doll embellishments that I actually got for free while picking up cupcake supplies one day.
Pazely inhaled her cupcake.

I also used these plastic kitschy dessert picks that I purchased last year from A. Bel Emporium. They are super fun!

The cupcakes were delicious!


  1. who's a clever girl then eh??? well done! they look very tasty and the photos are great. so good to see pazley up and about and home again!

  2. your cupcakes and your girls are both beautiful! I cant wait till my babe is big enough to help me do this. Your pictures are excellent as well.

  3. What a fun day! Your cupcakes look yummy and your photos are precious!

  4. What fun! They look delicious - although there seem to be a quite a few there for 4 people!! How many are left?

    What's April's goal?

  5. wow what a beautiful post, I have not made cupcakes since I was a kid I am so making it my task this year.
    They look yummy apart from the peanut (i am allergic).
    The ones with the roses look so pretty

  6. yum yum!!
    I love peanut butter.
    lovely photos by the way! You rock with your photo taking...
    Happy Wed!

  7. I am so honored that my cupcake paper doll toppers were used for this monumental occassion! You did a great job. Are you hooked on baking from scratch now? It's a lost art! One I practice often-although not often enough for Mr katydiddy! Great job! Have I told you how I proud I am of you for setting & accomplishing goals? You rock!

  8. Oh, I can't remember how I found you, but I just love your blog. This entry made me giggle because I take *lots* of photos of everything too. And don't you just love having all your sassy ingredients pre-measured? I should do that more often.

    What a scary thing that hospital visit must've been! (I do love the photo of the diaper peeking out of the hospital gown though. so sweet)

    I'm glad your little one is doing better.

    Looking forward to reading more of your fun posts!

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  9. they look delicious! I love all the different toppers you used. What kind will you make next??

  10. YUM!!! Peanut butter cupcakes!! :) Congrats on your "from scratch batch!" And I have Los Cinco Soles vanilla too-- it's the best! I've been there, and it's a cool little shop!


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