Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Get Jealous!

Look what arrived at 'WhiMSy love' today......"The oblivious cupcake is unaware of the envious glare of.....THE JEALOUS MUFFIN. "

I'm still feeling yucko. I can't sleep at night 'cause my ear hurts so bad. Meds aren't working. I will have to go to the doc again tomorrow I think. My girls are trying to cheer me up by making me flowers from Tinker Toys. They're so sweet!
I know what else will make me feel better! The Project Runway finale is on tonight! YAY!
Adios my crafty folks!

P.S. Remember that tree I showed you on one of the last posts? The one that is being carved? I just found out it is one of two diseased maple trees in the park. Instead of chopping them down they are creating something beautiful from them. Isn't that neato?


  1. Well, you may feel crappy but you don't look it!
    Hope your ear gets better soon.

  2. I'm so jealous! I feel like a cupcake with no frosting. Love the print!

  3. your girlz are so sweet.
    Hope you are feeling a little better.
    I think that is so lovely about the trees, such a refreshing alternative to cutting them down.


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