Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy SpRiNg!

Yay! It's the first day of Spring! My hair is celebrating today by wearing this enormous flower AND look what's in the shop today.....

I was up late last night making more mini pinwheel cupcake picks & I'm so excited to be doing these again this year. They were a hit last year & I just LOVE 'em!

So, I was thinking about how I'm celebrating my ONE YEAR ETSY ANNIVERSARY soon. I actually joined Etsy on February 28, but I had no working camera at the time so I didn't "officially" stock the shop & open it until March 30th. Four days later I had my first sale---to Christine of Bella Colle.

To celebrate, I'll be having a drawing on March 30th at noon, PST. To enter, all you need to do is visit WhiMSy love & then leave a comment here telling me your favorite item in the shop. Yep, I'm makin' ya work for this one. (Please make sure I am able to contact you, anyone can enter--even up to the last minute, one entry per person, blah-blah-blah). The winner will receive the very first item I ever sold, which continues to be my best seller to date.....

Have a lovely day!

Peace & cupcakes,


***OK, I'm a dork. I left the wrong link to "WhiMSy love". It went to Bella Colle instead! haha! (So that's why the first comment adores your Chocolate Fairy Collage Christine!) It's been corrected now.


  1. Hi! My favorite item from WhimsyLove is the Chocolate Fairy Collage. I love it! And I like to big spring flower, too :)
    alissa (

  2. yea for spring! love the pinwheels so cute!

  3. love the pinwheels! It makes me wish I had girls!

  4. your whimsy love link isnt working right because i think you have an extra dot in it. just thought you would like to know.
    ok know i am off to find your shop another way. brb.

  5. the yellow and green vintage button ring is my fav. but i must admit it is hard to narrow down

  6. I love the pinwheels because they were the reason we got to know each other-remember our cupcake pick trade? You've had a GREAT year! Congratulations!

  7. cute cute CUTE!!! everyone is talking about spring over there. we're just hangin' onto summer here. once daylight saving finishes - that will be IT! instant winter! u haven't entered my giveaway yet - come on over and don't miss out on the CHOCOLATE!!!

  8. The Mannequin Love cards are my absolute favorite! I wish you made an 8x10 print of that photo!

  9. How fun! I am in. I think mine would be the vintage rockin record tray. Its cute and retro.

  10. I enjoyed reading your blog! The flower is so beautiful! It's still snowing here, but one day there WILL be flowers! LOL

  11. I really love the fork easels. They woudl be so useful to display my cards are fairs and such. I have actually thought of making them... along with a million other projects!

  12. Oh My Gosh.. Congrats..Congrats..and a great big hug..!!!
    Spring..Happy Anniversary.. and Happy Easter.
    Your fun fabulous creations always bring a smile.
    I'm so glad we've been able to 'hang' for a year girl!
    Hope there will be more to come.
    Thanks for the 'plug' by the way...
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow..

  13. I LOVE the custom banners you make. :) I've been lovin' on them since I first saw them.

    My one favorite item in the store right now though is the Queen of Hearts ring. I adore it!! So pretty, and two of my favorite colors, pink and red.

    Congrats on your Etsy-versary coming up! Those fork easels do rock. If I'd know about your SNS in time I might not be even trying to enter to win one... other than to share... ok, so I would be, but they are so awesome. :)

  14. hello! my favorite item is your mini tag banners-so very cool! thanks very much,
    tami r. (

  15. I love the pinwheels and the for easels. they are all just way too cute. love em and congrats.

  16. Happy One Year Etsy Anniversary! I love all of your vintage button rings and the mini photo album--so FUN!


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