Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Only Just Begun...

Why, hello there! I have officially begun my March goal of learning to make cupcakes from scratch. I was able to hop on over to the library today while the wee ones were in preschool & I picked up a few books. I think I'm going to narrow it down to 2 recipes to try. I've had fun drooling over which flavors to pick! Too bad you won't be here to sample them. Bummer for you.

On this rainy afternoon I decided to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of Spring! It's only a week away! I splurged & bought myself a new yard friend. Isn't he cute? He actually looks frightened in this photo. I buckled him up---for safety! I guess he's not used to that.

I had a fun time at my MOPS spa day. Sorry, no photos! But I did get inspired by the whole experience & decided to create a mini-spa night for my girls sometime this weekend. I'm going to give them pedicures, manicures, a giant bubble bath (& they can wrap their hair in a towel like mommy does), they'll wear their robes & slippers, we'll have a fancy dessert (blackberry shortcake that I'll make the cheater way), foot massages, facials.....It'll all just be for fun & for no reason in particular!

Clownie Cupcake is now in the shop!


  1. your friend mr gnome looks a little uneasy about driving with you nikki. i'm glad you buckled him up maybe he will feel more assured on the next trip.

  2. those cupcake recipe books look AWESOME!!! (in a very retro kinda way). can't wait see the results.

  3. LOL-The gnome is too funny. We have one named Henry. He's an angst-y fellow, that gnome.

  4. have u seen this one?


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