Monday, March 3, 2008

A River Break & Stuff.

The fam & I made it to the river for the first time this year! I got to take some outdoor photos. The girls were zipping by on their bikes, so I was stuck taking other random shots. There was a tree I never noticed before that has the usual hearts & initials carved into it & then this phrase: "I WISH I WAS A SHIP". It's silly & I love it! I have no idea what it means but it keeps popping in my head now. I'm trying to come up with an answer: "If I were a ship I'd.....???" What would you do if you were a ship?

Peace tag.

I guess the theme of our river visit was "trees" because we came to a massive tree project in the works. I'm not sure what each carving signifies, but isn't it cool? The girls & I are excited to see the end result. It stands right next to a park we often play at, so we'll have plenty of time to see the progress.

Too cold for water play, but in the warmer months it'll be flip-flops, sand buckets & shovels. I'm sure the girls will bring their things too.

Needless to say, I was a happy girl this afternoon. (Actually I'm kinda sick & feeling like poo. I've got a cough, an earache, & a sassy hoarse throat. But being out & walking made me feel instantly better! For an instant anyway.)

Can you guess what I spent my Saturday "Nikki Time" doing??? It's the Christmas gift I ordered for my nephew that never got sewn because it arrived Christmas eve.

I forgot to show this fabric with the other vintage pieces I bought last week. It's 1975 (the year I was born!) with illustrations by Dick Bruna of the "Miffy" character. SO cute! It was a bonus find at $2 for almost 2 yards! And please click on that "Dick Bruna" link to see the cutest old man in the world. Oh my gosh, he is adorable!!!

And look who flew into 'WhiMSy love' this weekend! It's Superhero Cupcake Boy---to the rescue!! He's ready to fight sweet crime.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Boy, couldn't tell yur feelin look fab in you pink glasses..
    that tree carving is amazing!
    and cupcake boy is the cutest!!!
    Happy Spring.

  2. i could never pull off sunglasses like that - they are totally awesome! get better soon :)

  3. Hi Nikki, We recieved Ballerina Princess Cupcake in the mail and WOW, my daughter loves it and can't wait for me to hang it up! Love that sock monkey too - can't wait to see it finished and that fabric is sooooo adorable, reminds me of Hello Kitty a bit.

  4. oh looks like it was a fun time, how cool is that carved tree.
    I so want your pink glasses.

  5. I love Dick Bruna, and yet I had no idea he was so stinkin' cute. That mustache!

  6. If I were a ship I'd sail across the Atlantic and visit my bloggy friend Nikki, and show her how to make cupcakes FROM SCRATCH. :)


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