Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturdays Are My Bestest Days!

This is how my "Nikki Time" began today....Aaaaahhhh.....I was in serious heaven. I met my sis for a visit & when we agreed to meet at my favorite coffee shop I immediatley envisioned us lounging on their oversized sofa with our feet up on their extremely large foot stool INSIDE the coffee shop, while the garage-style doors opened to the breeze & revealed the beautiful day outside. We could people watch, chat, munch on bagels & make fun of the bicyclers in their skin tight shorts....all the while sipping on yummy drinks. And that's EXACTLY what happened!!! Isn't that the coolest? It was a glorious morning indeed.

We look like a couple of silly fish sipping our drinks! I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a custom order & having a happy day!

I'm so excited to have finally done this next project. Way back in 2007 I saw a post on Laura's blog about a book she read called "The Foof-a-Life" & some projects she created after reading the book. The project I simply HAD to do myself was this candle jar--The Creativity Fairy. You light it whenever you need some help bein' creative. I made mine a little different. It is embellished with pink & glitter--2 of my favorite things! And then I made several tags & decorated them to coordinate. On the backside of each tag is a word I printed out with my awesome "old school" label maker. Each word describes me or things I like: Silly, Create, Draw, Paint, Sew, Giggle, Dream, Play, Love. The candle is the perfect crafty accessory & a neato way to "christen" my new crafty space. As I was making this candle yesterday, I had the most brilliant idea for my crafty room. You see, I have a lot of stuff. And the room is a nice size, but once everything is in there, the space shrinks. I have a table set up in the middle of the room & you have to stand sideways & shimmy your way past the table if you need to get by. I've loved having my own space, but I've not loved hanging out & crafting in there. Something's just bugged me about it. And then I had an amazing thought. "I don't even like to sit at a table when I make stuff." I'm a "spread-your-stuff-on-the-floor" creative type. Or a "cozy-up-on-the-couch-with-my-nifty-projects" crafty chick. So, why on earth do I shimmy past that dumb table so many times a day!?!?! Last night I removed the obstacle & I'm planning on purchasing (or MAKING?!) some cushy overstuffed pillows to plop on the floor & now I LOVE my space & last night I had my first chance at spreading supplies all over the floor. I spent more time in my studio yesterday evening then I have in all the other times combined since we moved in 3 weeks ago. When it gets more pretty, I promise I'll take pics.

And this final pic was taken in the last couple days while trying to recover & rest on the couch. My wee ones got all creative on my forehead.


  1. Yay!
    Happy Whimsy love day...
    gosh..even when ur feelin' bad you look fab..
    looks like you had a fun day...
    Happy weekend dear.

  2. i LOVE your creativity fairy - i need one! coffee shoppe fun looked awesome. my sister is in london!!!!!

  3. Love the pics of you and your sis enjoying your coffee. One of my sis's has been here all weekend and it has been the best! Glad you figured out your creative space - that is so important! I am a table freak however and have 2 in my studio and would love one

  4. thats such a lovely view from that coffee shop, I can totally see why you enjoyed your morning.
    Oh the new craft area sounds awesome,I totally can't wait to see it.

  5. I can't believe you remember that candle I made! Yours is great. Maybe we should pick a time to light both of ours and see if we can double the creativity!


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