Sunday, April 20, 2008

Drill Girl

I love using power tools. I mean, a drill is probably the simplest of them all & isn't as MACHO as a table saw or anything. But it's way cooler than my hot glue gun & makes more noise than most of my art supplies so that's neato.
I've finished up the custom order pinwheels today. When I first bought all the supplies, I made a big ole mistake & bought a dozen pieces of the wrong paper at the craft store. It was a slightly different hue than my prototype. That sucked (because I couldn't return them as I'd already cut the paper!), but it just taught me a lesson to bring in a sample or swatch to match next time.
The pinwheels ship off tomorrow. I've always shipped USPS. But, I'm going to UPS tomorrow to ask them about the best way to package & ship these. I'm sure it'll be a bit more spendy, but worth it for something so delicate.

I'm totally into baking lately. My girls were having a sweet tooth attack the other day & I had no sweets in the house. So, I baked up a batch of oatmeal spice shortbread cookies. I made them into the same circular shape as my strawberry tart last week, but then cut them into wedges. Yummo! With a cup-o-tea or my favorite English Toffee Coffee Drink it was a perfect snack.
I'm off to make some more vintage button bouquets. Don't you just love crafty projects that you can curl up on the couch & make....(while eating a large bowl of Tillamook Mudslide ice cream & watching a rad TV show?)?


  1. For my artwork, I get to use a super high-pressurized spray gun to do glazing. I have to use a big gas mask and feel very macho :)

  2. Love it, both power tools and delicious-looking baked goodies in the same post. You're fantastic, and the pinwheels are super cute.

  3. power tools are sooo cool. I love drills to as they are easy to use.
    Love the working shot with the shades on.
    Baking - oh I love baking

  4. man, i need to see a pic of that icecream flavour!

    can u also post the oatmeal cookie recipe?

    i sent u an email - did u get it?

    i'm also having another giveaway - come check it out!

  5. You are the queen of baking & power tools. What a woman!

  6. WOW!! Those superduper pinwheels are soo cute!!
    I so agree...power tools are the way to go!! I use my dremel often with my charms...


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