Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday is a Good Day.

I went shoe shopping yesterday. I actually went thrifting & bought TONS of Barbie stuff for my girls. My youngest is really starting to get into Barbie's with her sis & so I thought I'd treat them to tons of clothes, shoes & a few Barbies. I counted 22 pairs of shoes. Splitting them between my kidlets wasn't easy. Especially when I pulled out the high-heeled chrome-colored fancy schmancy shoes from the bag. It prompted an immediate wee cat-fight. The youngest finally got them after I bribed her older sister with HER choice of any pair of shoes left in the pile AND a fuzzy Barbie bathrobe.
In the stash of tiny outfits & such there were 36 lonely & pair-less shoes. It'll work out great for the girls' one legged Barbie. But I think I'll keep them & make them into a charm bracelet or something. I'm serious!

This morning was a slow-going kind of morning. Still in our jammies at 10am, we made pancakes. Peanut butter & syrup is my favorite topping. It's now 4pm & I JUST got bathed & dressed. HAHA! It's just one of those days. And I'm allowed "one of those days" every once in a while.

We're heading off to the park by the river now & the girls are anxious to ride bikes & roller skates. I'm bringing the camera for some fun outdoor & candid pics.

Oh poo! I jus thought of something. I have to come up with a dessert to bring over to some friend's of ours on Sunday. I was thinking of making the strawberry tart again, unless I get some sweet inspiration elsewhere...

Have a great weekend. I'll be helping my bro caulk the outside of his house this weekend & oh, Mr. WhiMSy love & I are baby-sitting tonight for some friends. Fun times.


  1. Nikki, seriously - you HAVE to make a charm of those shoes, it will be sooo cool. Just seeing that image makes me want to take out my barbies and play!


  2. My sisters and I loved Barbies! They just don't make the same cool clothes & shoes for them anymore-great idea to thrift for them!

  3. Nikki,
    I was blog hopping and well, you bad girl showing food on your blog. Here it 11:30 and I just had to go the cupboard for peanut butter but I found the cinnamon rolls made earlier this evening instead. You made me eat one;) Thanks alot. Love your blog and I will forgive you.

  4. This is such a wonderful site you have here. I love all your crafts :D and your little girls are gorgeous!

  5. Barbie Rocks! I remember havin' one of a kind outfits created by my cousin who helped raise me...
    Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  6. you are just the coolest mom ever, Barbie shoes totally rock as does that piccy, think that would make a wonderful card.
    I never seem to make showering before 4pm at weekends lol, so I defo think you deserve it

  7. Pssst... Those Barbie shoes make SUPER cute necklaces, earrings and rings. :) Just sayin'.


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