Monday, April 28, 2008

A Fun Weekend!

I knew I'd have a great weekend when it started out with an impromptu photo shoot with my girls......

....& ended with one of my all-time favorite desserts- pistachio torte!
And what happened in between silliness & dessert? Well, you'll hear about most of it in tomorrow's post.
But until then, here are some photos of my fabulously random weekend...
The fact that its was warm enough to drive around town with my windows open made me very happy! A trip to the park was under way.
I caught a busy bee doing his little bee thang.
I decorated the bike of my wee-est one with branches from a flowering tree for a ride through the park. She plucked the petals & left a trail so we could find our way back. (If you look close, you can see the petals behind her. So cute!)

What this scene needs is two cute old men with their vintage game pieces.
I tried to make a cupcake at the playground. Do you see it?
Remember the tree I showed a while back that was just starting to get carved? Well, it's done! Two trees in the park, including this one, are diseased. Instead of chopping them down the city has created a beautiful landmark. Really cool!
On the way home from the park I spotted my dream ride. I snapped the photos as we were driving by. I am totally gonna save my pennies for it! It's so pink & adorable!

I also managed to find my sheets for the Summer Skirt Sheet Swap. I sent them off & can't wait to get my surprise sheets in the mail to make into fabulous summer skirts! And just in time for my family vacay to Arizona in a month!

I thrifted the orange-ish floral sheets from Value Village for $2.50 & the vintage shabby chic sheets were plundered from my own linen closet. I kept a piece for myself to attempt my very first skirt.

OK, here's a sneak peek of what ELSE I did this weekend. You'll hear about it tomorrow.....
And, yes, that's me in all my dorky glory.
See you tomorrow!


  1. oh looks like you had a fab time, how cute is pazley.
    Love the cupcake in the park WhiMSy Love leaves her mark wherever she goes lol.
    Oh can't wait to see the rest

  2. can't wait! what a gorgeous shot of the park - such great weather you're having!

  3. Great photos! You three seem so happy. :D

    Her bike is soo cute & thats so amazing what they done to the tree instead of chopping it down. I love that!

  4. Fantastic pics! You are so much fun! And the dessert looks so yummy. Oh, pistachio anything sounds good to me!


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