Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Goal For April...

Now that the cupcakes are done, I've come up with a new goal for April. It's not really a super fun goal, but it's something I need to do or I'll procrastinate.

For Christmas I received a video camera. I actually received TWO. I have wanted a video camera since I was 14. I just always thought it would be fun to have. So, 19 years later, I can scratch that off my wish list!

The small white video camera is the Ultra Flip Video Camera. SO cool. It's so tiny & cute & I carry it around in my purse at all times. It's pretty easy to use--& that's a GOOD thing for an electronic dummy like me!

The other video camera is digital, a little larger & has a lot more features. (I'm only showing the box in the picture because my parents borrowed it recently on a trip to the Caribbean Islands.) I am intimidated at how to use it. I mean I want to know EVERYTHING about it: the software, loading videos, how to edit videos, etc. So, my goal for April is to learn to use my video camera. I know that doesn't sound so exciting for YOU, so I thought I'd ALSO create a small video by the end of the month to upload on my blog as a sort of "final test" of completing my goal.

PLUS, it's my birthday month, so that's a fun subject to be able to capture on film, right?

Ok, I'm off to start reading the "Operating Guide". Ugh.


  1. Hi, I stumbled onto your blog and had fun looking around- will check back in to see what other great things you are making:)

  2. oh can't wait to hear how you get on. that small video looks great fun, I have the other one too and have hardly even used it. but seems quite good when I have


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