Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nik's Adventure Day

Why am I looking so awesomely dorky & why am I holding a gun? WELL, I got to do something super fun & unexpected last Saturday. My friend Tia invited me to an event happening at our church that I wasn't really sure of & hadn't planned on going to. But Tia lured me in with the word "bonfire". In hindsight, I should have immediately signed up. 5 hours of your own time, like a mini vacay? That's a no-brainer.
The event was called "Women's Adventure Day" & it was so much fun! I'm guessing there were about 25 ladies. We broke into 4 groups, each group receiving a different colored camouflaged strip of fabric. I tied mine around my head, as you can see. I realize I do look a bit like Pocahontas. Others in my group resembled Rambo or a ninja (**waves to Tia). We were all dorks (in, like, a totally cool way) & we all had a BLAST!

The first event was shooting. It's only a BB gun. I am actually afraid of guns, but I handled this one quite well. KAPOW! Did you see my bulls eye? I'm TOTALLY gonna frame this. My sharpshooter paper somehow got crumpled a bit. I'm still upset about that. If you want to copy & paste this image, you can. Like, if you want to use it as your screen saver or whatever. HAHA!

This is our group. We were called "The Blade Throwing Babes". In the back row is Becky, Kaylie, Nikki. Front row is Tia & Angel. We were renamed "The Dead Eye Dolls" after some of our sharpshooter skills surfaced.
The 2nd event was also shooting---bow & arrows. I asked to wear the instructor's "fuzzy backpack" & he let me wear it. It's a "quiver" I was informed. I wanted to do the whole Robin Hood thing & grab an arrow & shoot it at the target with one smooth flow ya know? I'm holding the youth bow in this picture. It's easier to shoot. I think I was handed the wee bow because my muscles are puny.
I decided to step it up a notch & use this beautiful wooden bow. A REAL bow. It was a 30lb. bow--& hHandmade. Hey, right up my crafty alley! Oh, & the quiver was handmade too. It's fox & coyote fur.
I managed to get my target in the belly the first time & in the knee the second time. I'm trying to make his owie all better with kisses. It's not working. Have you ever been punctured in the Styrofoam knee? It hurts!
There was a turkey & a beaver sitting nearby, but the deer was my prize that day.
The 3rd event was Tomahawk & Knife throwing. I must admit, I was a bit nervous with the sharp things. It was very hard to throw them into the target. Only 3 ladies in our group hit the mark. Woo hoo! I was one of them!
I totally shoulda sucked my gut in for these pictures. Ugh. I left my adventure girdle at home.

Here's me & Tia!! I am smiling so big because I was a super happy girl!
The 4th event was fly fishing. I didn't get any good photos of that one, but it was actually a lot of fun! I immediately thought of the movie "A River Runs Through It" & pictured myself fishing next to Brad Pitt.

The final event was EATING! I forgot to mention that at the very beginning of the day we were all shown how to use a dutch oven. Our meal & dessert were cooked over coals in the ovens & ready for us as soon as we were finished throwing sharp objects.
I LOVE the smell of a campfire. I love the way it makes your clothes smell. I'm never going to wash that sweatshirt I was wearing. Or my hair.
And I LOVE roasting marshmallows. We all sat around the wee bonfire & told stories & giggled & ate & totally chilled out.

It was such a perfect day. The weather was beautiful, I got to meet some awesome ladies, I laughed & laughed all day, I learned so many new things & I tried things I have NEVER done before! I love adventures.


  1. wow that sounds like a totally amazing day, how much fun to have all those lovely friends and get together. Great piccys from the day

  2. what an AMAZING DAY!!! i wanna do something like that - and you totally rocked it!!! much too much fun lol.

    love that marshmellow shot and CONGRATS on all the ETSY frontpageness!!!



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