Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pre-Birthday Fun!

So, yesterday I was just practicing for my REAL birthday- which is tomorrow. My mom, grandmother, sis (back right) & sis-in-law (front left) went out for some fun. The weather was beautiful!

We took some photo booth pics & fitting 5 of us in at once was a squeeze. By the last frame we kind got the hang of it. But look at the photo booth pro (me!). My big head knew how to work it.

I met a tall, dark & handsome dude at the mall. He wasn't too chatty. He was kinda too tall for this self-portrait photo. So, my grandmother called out, "Nikki! There's some cuter ones up ahead!" My grandma's "Hot Mannequin" radar was totally working that day. She hooked me uuuuup!

Oh crap! I forgot to mention a warning on this post. I'll do it now. WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN PHOTOS OF CHUBBY FEET & TOES. My mom surprised us all with pedicures after a yummy lunch.

The toenail painting lady made a pretty little flower design on my toe. I was gonna ask her to paint a cupcake on it, but I wasn't paying attention & she got it done before I had a chance to pipe up.

We also stopped by to shop at one of my favorite local boutiques, Wild Goose Design. My mom picked up this really cool print for me. I think it's an enlarged image of a vintage French postcard. I'm really attracted to ferris wheels lately. The print is 11"x17".

I also picked out this EXTREMELY sweet German postcard. Aren't the shrooms adorable??

My grandmother tried to get me tickets to a local highschool production of "Singing in the Rain" but they were all sold out. She was going to surprise me last night & whisk me away for some theater fun. Bummer.

I think tomorrow night I'm just getting together for a nice dinner with my family. Oh, & presents & cake too!

Oh my goodness! I forgot to tell you what I get to do tomorrow. A friend of mine has LOTS of animals. One of their mommy sheep has rejected her 3 baby lambs. They are almost 3 weeks old & need to be hand-fed from a bottle. My girls & I are going in the morning (along with some other mommies & kiddos) to help feed the lambs! Isn't that the coolest thing ever?

Ok, I'm off to pick out the perfect "lamb feeding/birthday" outfit for tomorrow!



  2. happy, happy birthday nikki! that must make you an aries too right? love the 5 in the self-portrait. i have a friend who can 'do' 5 too! gorgeous pics. glad u had a fun day. i love my own birthday too!!! come to my blog and see what i got...(it was in hong kong)

  3. DO you know how to party or what?? I love that you are so into your birthday! I am, too, but people around here don't seem to share my enthusiasm so much, LOL!

    I think the pedicures are way cool. I could never see my mom & granny doing that. I am almost positive that they've never had pedicures in their lives. In my 36 (almost 37 - yikes!) years, I've only had four of them!

    Have a happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Nikki!!!!!!!

    If anybody else would like to wish Nikki a happy birthday online style come sing to her with me pretty please...

  5. Sounds like you had lots of pre-birthday fun! your sister in law and you look a lot alike!


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