Tuesday, April 8, 2008

R.I.P. Old Girl...

My old sewing machine, which wasn't really mine, has passed away. It was born at JCPenney in the fabulous 80's, & though I love the 80's, I needed something new & improved. She was the machine I learned to sew on. But, she had an attitude problem these last few weeks. It was her time to go. (In this picture she holds in her "teeth" the last of my sewing projects that she chewed up.)

I'm now happy to have a new sewing buddy. She's lightweight, she has electronic features, she has a handy slot to insert my favorite picture & she's ALL mine!!! She's sew perfect! (haha! Lame. I know.)

Aaaaaand, I am SUPER excited to announce that my book art has returned to WhiMSy love!!! Vintage books become 3-D art on your walls. They're called "Writing on the Wall", the title they were given while appearing on realmdekor.com. I asked the lovely Lisa at Realm Dekor for permission to "steal" this title & she kindly let me. I just think "Writing on the Wall" sounds so cool!
This particular fold is called "Forever" & it's available in the shop today!

I have created several different folds & I give each shape a name. They make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.
Oh, I'm working on a really fun project for a customer & I can't wait to share it with you as soon as I fine tune everything!


  1. OOOh..fancy shmancy! I'll bet you'll be able to go to town on the lovley new one! Creating lots of goodies for us..lol

  2. awesome new machine - can't wait to see what u do with it!

    i tagged u :)

  3. Wow - LOVE the book art! What creativity. Thanks for sharing!


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