Friday, April 11, 2008


Oh my golly! Where have you been all my life new sewing machine?!??!? I canNOT belieeeeve how awesomely awesome this is! It's so smooth. The needle glides through the fabric. It's really quite breathtaking. I think I'm going to turn the cupcake design into a pillow. Plop some vintage fabric on the back & I'm done!I'm just having fun with scraps of fabric & ALL the different stitches! My girls are excited for me to make them something with all those fancy designs.

I got a treasury over at Etsy. It's full of wonderfully sweet & pink mushrooms. Check it out HERE! The pendant pictured is from Tizzalicious.
Tomorrow I shall be having Nikki Time with my grandmother. She has invited me to a fashion show at the senior center. I hope there really are sweet old ladies struttin' their stuff on the catwalk. That would be AWESOME! Then, we're going to pick out some flowers to fill all my empty pots & containers around the yard. It's a birthday present from my grandma! I'll take pics & share later in the weekend.
Craft on my little WhiMSy love-ers!


  1. wow looks like you are having awesome time.
    Love the heart stitches.
    You and your grandma doing the coolest things have fun

  2. :) That sounds like what I do with my grandma!


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