Monday, May 12, 2008

Books & Gifties

My book art, awesomely titled "Writing on the Wall" has been keeping me a bit busy--which I am SO excited about! I love these pieces & think they are uber cool.

Look what I got recently from my "uber cool" friend, Tia. These are silicone cupcake molds. First of all, I've never used silicone baking accessories before & secondly I've never had a cupcake in the shape of hot, sexy lips. AWESOME! I can't wait to bake some girly-girl cupcakes!!

And look what my mom got me for a sweet little Mother's Day giftie. I've been eyeing these candles at Fred Meyer (of all places?!). They are called "Tiny Temptations" & they are all cupcake scented. The scent I chose is "happy birthday vanilla" & it even has real sprinkles on top! And wowzers! It smells delicious & I can't believe how quickly it made my house smell so yummy. Seriously, when no one is looking I'm gonna lick it. There were 4 other scents: blueberry vanilla, creamy orange frosted, rich creamy chocolate & white buttercream.
Oh, look! I found the online source for purchasing this candle HERE--& they have 4 other scents too. Woohoo! OK. That was my infomercial for the day.

I'll be back later to show what craft I'm "teaching" for my last MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) meeting of the season.

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