Friday, May 16, 2008

Crafty Dilemma

I got these signs from one of my gal pals & she said they were from a grocery store that was shutting down. She just GAVE them to me. I think they are quite fun & cool but what should I do with them? My favorites are "Cake Mixes", "Candy", "Ice Cream" & "Canned Meats". They are made of wood, about 16" long & 2 1/2" tall. The vinyl-like lettering is on both sides of the sign. Give me your best ideas! (There may be a prize in your future.)

I had a little thrifty fun this week & picked up this sweet turlte. It is totally vintage & handmade--my two favoritest things! It is a little dirty, but I'm not sure how to clean it up.

The little hat on its head is my favorite. I love the felt embellishments too!

Look how my girls & I spent our day!!!! Those are water balloons. And we got wet, wet, wet! It was the second super hot day of the week & they were out in their cute little swim suits pulling out wet wedgies as they chased each other around.

I'm starting to think more about our family vacay to Arizona. I'm starting to think about how stinkin' hot it'll be. And how I can't wait to sew up my new skirts this weekend! We leave May 31st & return June 6th. I recently purchased some super cute purple luggage. The luggage I.D. tag is from one of my wee ones.


  1. LOL at "wet wedgies"!! :) Have a great vacay!

  2. Those signs ARE fantastic. I love that the grocery store had enough canned meats to justify a whole sign! (No wonder they shut down.) Maybe you can use them to make some kind of awesome storage boxes -- like if you got a wooden base and attached posts at each corner and then built the sides by using the signs as slats and screwing them into the posts through the little holes that are already on them?

  3. Ohhhh, the signs are cool. You could totally make some vertical blinds/doorway hanging things (like the bead ones - brain fart going on right now). Either use the holes that are in them or drill singe holes at the tops and bottoms and string with some sturdy fishing line. You could add some beads or other embellishments and attach one to another to the desired length. I guess there are a variety of options on hanging them (1-attach all to a thick board with staples or 2-just use hooks and tie each strand to a hook)in a window or doorway. Does that make sense at all? Just an idea.

  4. happy VACAY!!!

    drop by and say hi when u get back!


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