Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hair's Looking at You!

So, I told the hair-extraordinaire guy to go wild & do whatever he wanted. It's not a HUGE change. But, I look so shiny & stylish for a change. This is the only time I'll ever get it looking this good. If only I had a tiny guy with fancy hair scissors I could carry around in my pocket all the time...

And besides my pale, pale arms & big ole badonka-donk, the shirt looks pretty good! This is my newly reconstructed tee & I love it! I'm excited about making some more. The photographer was my 5 year old daughter. Pretty good there, girl!


  1. very swish! Oh i think i forgot to let you know that I tagged you the other day...
    Happy Holidays!

  2. you have this amazing knack for looking completely different in every photo you take! i thought the one on the left was your sister!!! the new do is very chic!!!

  3. Looks awesome! And btw, what a fantastic photographer!


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