Friday, May 30, 2008

I Love Me a Chocolate Milk Moustache

I'm busy packing & gathering all the necessary traveling items for our trip. Ugh. I'll be a hectic mama today. My one favorite tip for traveling with kids is to bring along a couple new toys that the kiddos have never seen or played with--all wrapped up pretty to occupy a couple hours of travel time. I got the girls each a mini Etch-a-Sketch & some other little toys.
And MY favorite item to bring along on any trip is....crafty stuff, of course!! I'm not sure what I'll bring, but I'm gonna stuff a bag full of random fun crafty bits to play with along the trip AND while I'm poolside, sunbathing. OOooooh, I'm getting excited now! VACAY here I COME!!!!!!
But guess what I get to do tonight? I get to see my newly born twin nieces!! They were born Wednesday & are just over 4 pounds. My brother is a proud daddy of 3 now. I haven't seen them yet so I'm pretty excited!! This proud auntie might have to post some annoying family photos later on.
Okay, back to packing....

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